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Jazz pianist Dave Brubeck Dead: a life devoted to jazz

dave brubeck

American jazz pianist Dave Brubeck died Wednesday, 5 December on the eve of his 92nd birthday. He rose to fame in the 1950s with the worldwide hit Take Five, recorded with the quartet whose members include saxophonist Paul Desmond, drummer Joe Morello and bassist Eugene Wright.

Born in 1920 in Concord, California, inside a musical family, Dave Brubeck has initially focused on a career as a veterinarian before starting music studies with Darius Milhaud. In 1951, he founded his quartet, with which he played eight years later Take Five, inspired by a composition of Desmond.

Disk Time Out, which brings this piece legendary Blue Rondo la Turk (Brubeck composition), sold over a million copies. The quartet would remain sealed for fifteen years. In 1972, Dave Brubeck performs with two of her sons (Two Generations of Brubeck) and Mulligan was found in 1975.

For twenty years, the pianist had continued to occur in all major international jazz festivals, not away from style too never had success in the 1950s: the use of counterpoint, polyphony, experimental the rhythms (Take Five is composed 5/4).

True to his classical training, Dave Brubeck has also composed two ballets, a musical, three oratorios, four cantatas, a mass, several pieces for jazz band and symphony orchestra, as well as numerous works for piano. Married since 1942, he was the father of six children.

Delightfull’s suspension fixture Brubeck is an impressive tribute which will remember forever this unforgettable artist.


Brubeck suspension

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