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Top 10 Animals Dressed as Human Beings

Photographer Miguel Vallinas presents a fashion photo series, titled Second Skin, where animals are digitally dressed in some super stylish outfits that fit them like a second skin.

Discover the top 10 animals dressed as human beings.

1. Lady Fox

modern lifestyle

Elegance is proved in the sophisticated clothes that Lady Fox wears, ready to go for a London gallery opening party.

2. Miss Swan

contemporary art

Miss Swan may seem sad, though she doesn’t know what expects her: a Delightfull meeting at 100% Design London with our team… Let’s see how she reacts!

3.  Mister Duck

contemporary art

Mister Duck presents always a sober touch that doesn’t let anyone indifferent. About Delightfull, he is certain that some modern lighting pieces will suit perfectly in his home decor.

4. Miss Ram

contemporary art

Althought discret, a sens of authenticity is hidden in its outfit. Ideal for a Saturday afternoon walk.

5. Sir Donkey

contemporary art

Sir Donkey surely knows what to wear. After his Nespresso in a cold monday morning, it’s time to go for his lighting shop in order to give some guidelines to his employees.

6. Madam Stork

modern design

Madam Stork has an agitated life. Nevertheless, she never reglects her outfit.

7. Mister Deer

modern lifestyle

A successful businessman, golf is his favourite hobby.

8. Miss Hart

modern lifestyle

Ready for Vogue Fashion Night Out? Miss Hart is!

9. Lady Peacock

modern art

Don’t understimate Lady Peacock perseverance. She can be really picky when she wants to.

10. Miss Bird

contemporary art

Miss Bird is quite in a hurry to go to the opening of her new showroom!

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