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Design Minds Behind Delightfull Brand: Diogo Carvalho & Nuno Corte Real

In the first semester of 2014, Delightfull is assisting to an incomparable growth either in its manual production or in the brand’s incomes. Following 2013’s scenario, when the brand assisted to a 400% income growth, 2014 started with a tremendously success in Maison et Objet exhibition, where the brand achieved a large scale popularity due to its recognition in trendy spaces such as Nelly Rodi trendy area and Covet Exclusive Lounge.

In February, the Nordics felt in love by Unique Lamps, more concretely, Stockholm, where Delightfull modern fixtures were showcased at Northern Light Fair. In March, several exhibitions are taken place: Maison et Objet Asia debut was a success, and now Architectural Digest is the next show, where at stand 321, visitors can be inspired by trendy options such as the sophisticated black & gold plated Atomic suspension, as well as by the gracious black & gold Duke suspension.

But who is behind the success of the international brand?

diogo carvalho delightfull  Design Minds Behind Delightfull Brand: Diogo Carvalho & Nuno Corte Real diogo carvalho delightfull

Head Designer Diogo Carvalho may seems to know quite well. “Our unique brand is made of persistent people that always try to surpass the limits: from the designers, to the craftsman, client relations team, marketing team, press relations and content managers, there’s a valuable team working hard for the brand”, he explains.

Diogo knows well what are the elements that turn Delightfull into a unique lighting brand requested for international projects such as Paramount Hotel, in New York and Delightfull International Corner at Harrods, in London. “In one word, versatility. Heritage Collection is suitable for any ambiance, since classics to urbans, minimalistic or even luxurious”, says.

He adds: ”Heritage Collection is based on a combining past Heritage of 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and a contemporary design touch, a unique design concept that recovers stilnovo artistic movement as never before”.

Diogo is now focused on Delightfull’s future. “Our brand is improving each day, we started with the manual concept and we don’t want to lose it, although the amount of demands leads to a faster production process, we’ll never fall in the mass production, that’s part of our identity”, he explains.

With international events on daily agenda, time is running out at Delightfull studio, when novelties are already part of the team spirit.

For Light+Building,  new  outdoor lamps will be unveiled. ”Soon, you’ll be able to integrate our most exquisite pieces Galliano wall and Coltrane wall in the facade of your Holidays House”, Diogo reveals.

graphic collection  Design Minds Behind Delightfull Brand: Diogo Carvalho & Nuno Corte Real nuno corte real

If the brand was well known due to its Heritage Collection, the new Graphic Collection launched last year came to bring a fresh touch to the brand’s concept. Nuno Corte-Real is the design mind behind the trendy collection that is picking up uncountable fans around the world.


Nuno explains the origin of concept. “ We tried to bring the funny side of Delightfull to this new collection, and along with it, we brought personality to each letter and number, since each one has the appropriate style for each project”, he explains.

Among the prototypes, we can count on letter E, V, L, letters 3, 0 and the symbol dollar, the last one sold in last Maison et Objet exhibition. “it was quite a success…”, he remembers. “Maison et Objet was a show display for our Graphic Collection, with lots of requests from professionals and particulars”.

Regarding the several demands, he adds “We had all type of requests… even the weirdest ones, such as KING KONG”, he says, laughing.

Nuno Corte Real and Diogo Carvalho invite you. “Come to Porto to visit our design studio, team, and of course, our city!”

The Man Behind Graphic Collection: Nuno Corte-Real

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