After All, What Is The Pantone Colour Institute_ All The Answers! (1)

After All, What Is The Pantone Colour Institute? All The Answers!

When 80% of human experience is filtered through the eyes, we understand that the choice of colour is critical.

Everyone knows and expects highly of the Pantone Colour Institute. We all wait ready and nail breaking in our sofas, scrolling in our social media feed to find out the awaited Pantone Colour of the Year but after all, what is this deal of Pantone? Where does this come from? And why do we expect so highly of this Institute? All the answers and more in this amazing storyteller article you’re about to read!


So, after all, what is this deal about Pantone and how does it influence our daily lives? From designers, fashion, products, Pantone seems to have taken over. Colour is seen by most of the population and how it affects everything is a big understatement to make. And that’s where Pantone enters. For over 50 years, Pantone has been inspiring designers, services and leading the market in the technology field of colour exploration and a way to express creativity.

The Founder

It all started in 1963 with Lawrence Herbert. Pantone was first created to solve all the problems associated with colour matching in the graphic arts community by creating a new system for matching, identifying and communicating colours. Later, it would be recognized by PANTONE® MATCHING SYSTEM®, a book of standardized colour in fan format.

Since then, the vision and incredible success of Pantone have had an incredible journey. Spreading through the field of fashion, home, plastics, architecture and contract interiors, Pantone is now a worldwide reference when it comes to getting the right colour, the right hue in any shape or format.

Continuing with the vision of its founder, the Pantone name is now recognized as an individual language for colour communication. Keeping innovating and leading the way colour changes our perception, it keeps developing tools to develop better colour communication in the community.

So, now all really about the Pantone Colour Institute. The Pantone Colour Institute is a colour research and information centre that has various industries including fashion, commercial, interior design, graphic arts, film and education basically in the palm of their hands. The leading source of colour information, the Pantone Institute is one of the most influential media tools.

Helping companies build their customizable and most informed decisions about how colour affects its brand and products by having some special areas such as colour trend forecasting, brand colour development, custom colour solutions or a product palette selection. Through the Pantone Colour Institute guides you through your whole company’s needs.

In the Pantone Colour Institute, colours mean everything. From the psychological to the physical reactions, Leatrice Eiseman, America’s leading colour expert, and the executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute is set on the right track to understanding how colour makes such an impact in our daily lives.


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