Why The Luxury Design And Craftsmanship Summit Was THE Design Event!

Why The Luxury Design And Craftsmanship Summit Was THE Design Event!

Get All The Highlights!

The event of this Summer just ended and we couldn’t be sadder. The Luxury Design And Craftsmanship Summit was the design event of the month and while it lasted two days it wasn’t enough to satiate our attention seeking eyes and our furious curiosity. So, let’s get you all in the know about the highlights of the past two blasting days!


The Luxury Design And Craftsmanship Summit 2018 started the best way possible with live showcases of the several traditional arts and crafts. Showing some of the best arts of the Portuguese heritage this was what you missed out on!

Filigree, Tilling, Arraiolos, Renda de Bilros, Goldening, Jewellery Craft, Upholstery and Wood Work! With stunning details and always accompanied by an amazing staff that was always a pleasure to speak to the guests. These showcases promoted a strong bonding between the Audience and the Artisans and the end result was amazing!

Followed by four amazing panels that filled our thirst for this incredible partnership, one of the highlights was, for sure, the Opening Session that was conducted by Amandio Pereira, CEO of the Covet Group. With incredible speakers throughout the two whole days, it had everything we couldn’t hope to achieve and more.

In this opening session, the CEO of the Covet Group reinforced the importance of  Craftsmanship in the luxury world and also to Portugal and the Furniture Industry. In his speech, Mr Pereira highlighted the work that the Covet Group has been developing to maintain serval crafts alive with the Summit being only one more tool to achieve the main goal of the Group: Elevate Design & Craftsmanship.

The highlights of the event were the panels. With astounding topics, the first panel counted with “The value of Craftsmanship For the luxury World”. With the contribution of Amandio Pereira, CEO of the Covet Group; Nicole Segundo, Representative/ Network Developer to Portugal for the Michaelangelo Foundation; Fátima Santos, General Secretary of the AORP; Luis Onofre, entrepreneur, shoemaker and CEO of the Luis Onofre brand; and Antonio Moura, business developer.

The second day counted with a pompous setting. With a luxurious panel with the finest masters and thinkers, Serena Confalonieri and Francesca Merciani, from Doppia Firmafashion designers Storytailors, Alda Tomas, designer from Vista Alegre and Toni Grilo, a product designer. The panel, moderated by Essential Lisboa’s magazine editor and open media director, Fernando Caetano. The focal point of this panel was to demonstrate that the future of luxury materials and items lies in the hands of ancient arts and in the hands of the people who make them with all their love and passion for what they do.

The incredible panel of the second day was… Luxury-Design Branding: The Story Behind the Scenes. Branding was the subject of this incredible afternoon. As design was discussed in the morning and as they go hand in hand, branding just made sense. Moderated by Mónica Seabra-Mendes, which is the head of the Luxury Management Program at the Lisbon Catholic University, the panel was composed by Carlos Santos, head of Carlos Santos Shoes, Jorge Martins, from RomBoats, Marco Costa, Boca do Lobo’s Creative Director and CEO and Carla Graça, Marketing Manager at Vista Alegre.

Among this incredible range of speakers and astounding topics, what most captured our attention was the honourable organization they came to represent in the first edition of the LD&C Summit. Doppia Firma, presented by the Michelangelo Foundation and Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’arte with Living Corriere della Sera joins the best of both worlds – the creative mind of a designer as well as an art and skills of the craftsperson in the contemporary world. During the month of September, in Venice, you can see first-handed the beautiful results of the project, at Homo Faber.

”It’s Incredibly difficult to design for Vista Alegre”, claims Alda Tomás.

Alda Tomás was a bright and breath of fresh air into the panel, accurately explaining how Vista  Alegre is now onto the market by is rigorous design project. Presenting several stages of the production process, among them, ID Pool was the one to make the delight of the presentation. Taking the opportunity to introduce one of the brands most prominent designers: Evelyn Tannus.

”What we look for in our work is to be able to financially support our work experiments, so we can always try new materials and techniques. That’s what drives us.”

Among the fashion world, craftsmanship is an important factor as well and representing it in place where the fashion designers João Branco and Luis Sanchez who created one of the most iconic brands in the fashion world – Storytailors. With a lot of work ahead, the timeless design, contemporaneity and the future in the fashion world are what they strive for.

”Going to the factories, getting my hands dirty, that’s what I love the most”

Toni Grilo, designer and art director came to delights us in expected ways. Always with its head in the future of the design world and how crafts and arts have an important part in it, Toni Grilo reinforced the idea to cooperate with the makers and the importance of getting your hands dirty in the process. Explaining that designing is only the first step in the process of making a luxury piece, the designer explains how Christofle had such an impact in his life as a thinker and a maker by not only designing the first piece of a limited collection for the French brand as well as making it. Proving once more the value of the craftspeople know-how in today’s luxury design business.


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