Santa Marina Resort & Spa _ The Perfect Place For Your Next Vacation

Santa Marina Resort & Spa : The Perfect Place For Your Next Vacation

The Place Where Your Dreams Come True

In the wonderful and magical place of Greece, Mykonos, a dreamy vacation center is a spot on next place where you’re going to be spending your next Summer vacation destination. A one of a kind experience, the Santa Marina Resort & Spa is slowly unveiling the world of luxury and comfort. An exception retreat for a dream vacation, you’ll have plenty to discover while you make a trip of a lifetime.


Located in Mykonos, where the only private beach is a golden paradise, the bright sun and inviting water can provide an exquisite experience, Santa Marina Resort & Villas is here to make you finally unveil why luxury and comfort go hand in hand.

A luxurious experience, Santa Marina Mykonos is here to provide the clean and clear aesthetic of a long-lived Summer vacation – that will never have to end for our account!  – Clean subtle materials combined with soothing white hues just invite you in all of the options that the resort has to offer!

With plenty to explore, you absolutely can’t leave without exploring the whole place. With an ethereal spa retreat, it’s compulsory to leave all worries and stress behind once you step into this magnificent place. A place to revitalize, reenergize and most importantly to relax. All the key ingredients to leave all your worries and fears are here at the door.

With an incredible aesthetic, everything is planned out for you to have all the essence of a godly place that is Mykonos. A charming effect, you can count on plenty of rest and an incredible trip to the wonderful culture of the lively and unique paths that cross the culture of Mykonos on Ginkgo Spa of Santa Marina Resort & Villas. Offering a state of mind like no other, this is the place for your – “tired muscles relax, your mind is freed, your body eases and your face radiates all its beauty; here you can fully, truly unwind!”

Food is a cultural experience. Not only for the body as well as the soul. And guess what? You’re going to find just the right amount experience for both in Buddha-Bar Beach Mykonos. After all the relaxing time in the spa, this is the best time to enjoy the rest of your summer evenings.

A cosmopolitan sight with the clear Mykonos atmosphere in the air, the fusion of the Mediterranean and Greek cuisines is a sight for sore eyes and stomachs. With an astounding view of the private beach, the seafront captures perfeclty what it’s like to live among the gods. Make sure to stay around the sunset and you’ll have a private and majestic view of the venue.

A gastronomic trip, the Buddha- Beach Bar is filled with plenty of treats that come in handy when your appetite calls for something different. Along with the ethereal blue of the Aegean Sea, this will be the ethereal place to be in this Summer vacation!

Rooms, suites, and villas. Just choose what fits better! Elegant rooms, comfortable suites and ultra-chic villas become your top summer accommodation choice in Mykonos and the Santa Marina Resort & Villas. With all kinds of outstanding landscapes, your summer and you are ready for this summer dream come true!

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