Maison et Objet & More _ All About The Paris Trade Show Novelties!

Maison et Objet & More : All About The Paris Trade Show Novelties!

Wondering Where To Get Your News About One of  The Leading Trade Shows? You’ve Found The Place.

Maison et Objet September is coming and we’re gathering all the news for the lovers of interior design. The Paris trade show that has a unique take on design has novelties fresh as a lemon and we’re here to make this the interior design trade show, the very best tour through the city of romance!


This time around, Maison et Objet 2018 has exceeded itself. With a new range of sectors, Maison et Objet September 2018 proceeds to be a success! With countless sectors you can’t help but have a peek, grab your checklist, there will be spending times!

“The art of craftsmanship : the beauty of each gesture”

The CRAFT sector is all about craftsmanship. A unique sense of flair into the world of interior design, this sector counts with several exhibitors that will blow your small mind! With pieces that combine the originality of master artisans, emotion and a unique sense of beauty like no other, discover what Natalie Sanzache will bring to this incredible edition of Maison et Objet!

Unique & Eclectic

In this part of the French trade fair, the different mix of cultures is here to make itself known. With a curated selection of different types of sophisticated and charismatic home objects from far or close regions are here to make itself presented. Throughout the whole range of projects, craftsmanship sets the tones for statement pieces that will turn unique in your home decor.


The contemporary style incorporates Maison et Objet 2018 as well! An ongoing trend in interior decor, this brand new sector of the interior design trade show has a unique take when it comes to decor. Combining the worlds of creativity and innovation you’ll be able to find the right contemporary decor item for your home right here.

Maison Forever

A timeless elegance is in order in this part of such trade show. Whether you’re buying an authentic classic or a revamped classic, then FOREVER is the one to make itself known to your likes. A place to find luxury, within it you’ll find a curated selection of luxury brands and interior fashion concepts that always have a timeless elegance.

“Well-designed, aesthetically pleasing items: the new art of giving”

The way people give gifts nowadays has changed and we can clearly see that. With so much to look at when buying the perfect gift, you need to be careful when you want to mix both right? That’s where SMART GIFT comes along. In this special area of the trade show, you’ll be able to find some of the best gift ideas for the birthday coming ahead!

Objects of Desire

We know this might be quite dubious but fashion accessories are in order! With a range of fashion accessories to attract multitudes. From bags to fashion statements you and your home interior decor will certainly be the best decor ever.

Coveted Items

Every house should be filled with love and happiness. And also home accessories. Raging from the simple tones and design lovers, this sector of Maison et Objet September 2018 is here to make all tastes get a full eye and how you can achieve the perfect balance of decor and style.


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