You Can Thank Us Later_ 8 Christmas Decor Ideas To Light You Up

You Can Thank Us Later: 8 Christmas Decor Ideas To Light You Up

It’s official – Christmas season 2018 is here to stay.

This time around we bring you all the joy of this festive season by bringing you those 8 Christmas decor ideas to top up the festive season of the year! The time to celebrate with your most loved ones deserves just the right decor to set up the whole evening – and guess what? We have just the right decor tips to win you over!


This winter decor season is filled with all the key elements for a Scandinavian decor theme – go for the whites and blacks if you want the cosiness of the elements surrounding you. This call for a mid-century black lamp to top it all off – Ella, with its minimal look is going to blast that warm light over the Chrismas supper.

If you’re into the minimal look, now is the chance to get Norah. This mid-century wall lamp is the one to complete the look. Join the green hues near the fireplace with the classic Christmas decor elements and your Christmas decor 2018 is going to be the winner of the season.

There’s nothing better than the cosiness of the Christmas season is there? This cosy ambience is achieved by having the right tones in your living room decor when its time to open the presents! This light pink in the wall will transform your decor like no other, while the vintage floor lamp is there to give you the ambience lighting you were looking for.

Golden never hurt anyone that much is true. This comes as a statement as you see the photo above! The green hues of the Christmas tree with some bold red in the wrapping department come as they see and turn beautifully magical this winter season decor. Complete the look with some outrageous decor elements such as Atomic table lamp – the right bold move of the season.




If you have plenty of view on your Christmas room, this is your time to shine. Gather the opportunity to have the classic white Christmas and decorate your room accordingly! If you want to go all hands on the white decor theme, this calls for a mid-century modern lamp such as Aretha!


A brand new novelty by DelightFULL, this mid-century modern floor lamp ticks all the checkboxes when it comes to our lighting wishes. A touch of the vintage style combined with the modern era of design, it will bring that magical look into your Christmas present opening time!




Spending the Christmas season by the fireplace is the dream. If you have the opportunity to enjoy the season by the fireplace and watch the snow falling than this is the right decor tip for you – the golden hues of this mid-century floor lamp will light up your festive night like no other – Botti floor lamp, with its clear style statement, will just empower your night!

It is the season if luxury. If you’re a lover of bold moves, this is the set design you need to follow then. Simple, clear and on the point. Black and golden elements are the ones you’ll want to achieve the complete look – and this is our queue. With a pendant lamp to make sure you have the best lighting season of them all, Turner pendant is here to make a lasting impression on your guests!


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