It's Art Deco Style Time With Hanna Lighting Design

It’s Art Deco Style Time With Hanna Lighting Design

Hanna lighting design is trending!

It’s all about craftsmanship. This art deco style lamp is a clear example of the modern design style can complement any home decor! Hanna lighting design is a remarkable example of how details can make the difference in such a simple element of design – lamps. This can make any room have that luxurious feeling of being in a cinematic 1920’s style without being too much!

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In its default face, Hanna is a beauty. Inspired by an icon of jazz, the white and gold tones make this a classic piece. A timeless design feature, this mid-century lamp has the versatility that you don’t see often. Turning any room into some out of Gatsby movie, this handmade lamp is made in Portugal, by the best artisans.


Details are key when you want to feature something unique into your modern design home. With a complete lighting family, you can find what would suit your best wishes – floor, ceiling, chandelier and wall are available in our stock list and ready to be shipped to your newest design project!



And there’s the possibility of making your own lamp! We tell you all about how you can customize your piece. Let’s start with the body – it’s possible to put a different colour and bath. Shade – in aluminium it’s only possible to change the bath of your lamp and when it comes to the detail of the shade – you can change the colour!








Now, there’s plenty to tell you when it comes to the floor lamp of the Hanna family. With marble on the mixture, it’s actually possible to change the type of marble! We have nero marquina that it’s black marble. Estremoz that is white marble with veins and Emerald that is green marble.

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