suspension bulbs

Vasiliy Butenko defies the workplace rules


An attic transformed in a Concept Office by Vasiliy Butenko. This Ukranian designer transformed an open loft into an office, creating a smaller building inside a workplace (made possible by the high vaulted ceiling). Alongside with this, he designed a spacious lounge area and a meeting room. The wall that connects to the balcony is made of glass so that the employees can work while enjoying the view to the ocean. This balcony is also a confortable relax area for the breaks.

This design is the life proof that workplace interiors can be imaginative, elegant and high on personality while avoiding the usual conservative approach.

suspension bulbs

Suspension bulbs enlighten the space 

 Vasily Butenko

 The sofas inside the bookcases are a solution to the economy of the space, turning it at the same time appealing


A minimalistic style is provided by the thorought decoration

minimalistic lighting

Take a look at the smooth colour of the chairs


The proof that a working space can be also comfortable

table lamp

The sophisticated table lamp highlights in the workplace


The sophistication of the suspension lamps turns them in the center decoration element


Outside: take an elegant break 


The welcoming ambiance turns it in a distinguished workplace