3 Genres of Vintage Desk Lamps

On the other day an old spark came to me… Reading! I woke up that day with a huge desire to read, to let the thoughts flow. Wanted to return to the good old days. Nothing more!

Shear Table Lamp - Bert Frank

(No, this is not my desk… If only…Check this article if you want to get to know better this Shear Desk Lamp! A highly functional task lamp with styling inspiration taken from the 1930?s…)

Well, for me something required to accompany my reading is a lamp. I love the feeling of the focus light from the lamp. It just makes you think that there’s nothing more surrounding you, but your mind flowing with those words in that dry and yellow paper!

For you to have a perfect reading and light combined you need a Vintage lamp!

Let’s start with a little bit of Drama
1920s Upcycled Table Lamp / Cast Iron & Copper

DelightFULL - Billy Lamp

Billy! A luxurious retro desk lamp.

This industrial lamps is highly functional, since its extendable arm can be adjusted into the desired position. Just like a relationship, it’s like if it represents the ups and down’s of a love story and what about that gold plated? It’s like a glow of passion of two lovers.

ActionLawson Tripod Tabletop LampAn action book is usually associated to a man reader, and naturally, it has to pass the message of a lamp who must be strong, dashing and at the same time, secure.
The Lawson Tripod Tabletop Lamp is a perfect match!

Now, just go grab a book, a start living with your imagination! 🙂