An Exclusive Peek At The Architectural Design Of Dom-A

“We do not erect monuments, but respecting the customer’s personality and taste, we are making projects for people.”

From classic to modern, to eclectic to the most outrageous, the team of Dom-A composed by the talented Maria Silver and Sergey Makushev is here to keep up with the modern times of interior design in the most clever ways while maintaining the luxury and simple upbringing in their interior design projects. Providing a guided journey in all ranges of architecture and interior design, from penthouses to cottages and hotels, this might be the one you’re looking for, for so long.



For each customer, a new way of designing. The customer’s needs are taken into account like no other, so Interior For Life is the name given to this amazing home design project. Described by the team, this house is a mix of styles. From eclecticism to high tech and a pinch of a loft, the project was created to bring up a family. Harmonious and dynamic the concept of the project is just that: a stylish and fantastic way of living. With plenty of natural materials, wood and natural fabrics give this house a dramatic touch.



From dramatic and rushed to City Chic. This residential design project brought was designed for a young man so expect simple lines, natural materials and an illusion of plenty of space. An overall combination of architecture with design, this loft has a harmonious aura combined with leather to give it the dramatic effect. While the owner has a special connection with the natural materials, the project is completed with elements of several styles such as an incredible woven that is found in bourgeois minimalism.

Scrupulously built, this luxurious interpretation of the classic style was made with the utmost care. A personal approach to a fusion of styles, the complex and spectacular fusion of the modern with the classic made possible a mix of luxurious touches. From luxurious textures, to artistically treated wood the approach to nature played a leading role.

A place for the creative minds. A place to relax and to be creative, this apartment is filled with artwork. The chosen colour, grey, guarantees a sense of brightness and life into the decor details of the project. Along with comfort, the neutral colour palette has the magic touch of emphasizing details made for this residential project, such as the lighting.

If you truly want to enter in a place designed to inspire, you need to set your eyes into this country holiday residence. With four meter figures of Celtic knights in the entrance, the rest of the space looks like a place out of a fairytale. With medieval decor, the theme calls for chivalry themes. According to the team, “ a fantasy, eclectic, sometimes built on paradoxical contrasts.” 

When speaking of this elegant classic, the team claims – “Their house has become a real noble nest, where the traditions of the family hearth and eternal values are embodied in classical, elegant interiors. This is the case when the customer’s taste, his inner world and the intellectual level inspire the creators.” With a lot of light that makes the space lighter and fluid, the apartment received the award of Salon magazine.



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