Get Ready For The San Francisco Design Week 2018!

Get Ready For The San Francisco Design Week 2018!

“The Future Started Here”

What started from a regional affair turned into an international affair. Showcasing some of the best ideas in design, business and entrepreneur, the Bay Area is now the birthplace of the future. A week-long regional festival, that is now a global phenomenon, the San Francisco Design Week 2018 is coming up and it is coming to revolutionize once again the world of contemporary design and state-of-the-art technology.


Get Ready For The San Francisco Design Week 2018! 5

This year’s San Francisco Design Week is going to be all about celebrating the spirit of newness and shaping what is ahead of us, from architecture to fashion, product design to digital services San Francisco Design Week is going to happen from June 7th – 15th, 2018! This year ‘s theme is all about – “Make connections with others who share your passions, concerns, and desire to make a change. Create your own plan to take action and contribute in new ways.”

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With doors open to 40,000 attendees that ranged from various design disciplines as well as tourists and the general public, San Francisco Design Week 2017 was a blast. This weeks calendar 2018 San Francisco Design Week is going to have count with over 225 events throughout the week.

Get Ready For The San Francisco Design Week 2018! 5

This year SFDW Edition is going to better itself. With an official SFDW Walking Map that lets you know all the city’s best points. From best installation, galleries, shops, cafés, bars or restaurants, count with this official tool to make your stay even better! And with the help of the tool above, public art installations are going to be provided throughout the city as well.

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The mecca of design and of forward-thinking, the upcoming weeks are going to make the design world spin. A unique place to get your ideas started, some of the hottest points of the week are going to be: The Design Hub Lineup of course! This counts with multiple exhibitions, opening night receptions, talks and workshops Pier 27 is going to be on fire! Now, sit down because we’re going to tell you all about it.

SF Design Week Opening Night Reception

JUNE 7th • 6:30–9:30PM

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The highlights of this incredible opening night are a few so grab your pen and paper, we’re going to give you all. From an interactive experience with Airbnb Design, the San Francisco Design Week Awards Exhibition, ‘Philanthropost’ by Britelite Immersive: a storytelling sculpture to support artist endeavours and count with artist installation by  4 Letter Word by Purin Phanichphant Brian Singer & Chloe Bensahel. This seems and is a dream.

Women in Leadership & Design Lounge

June 8, 8:30AM-5:00 PM

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Join Pier 27 with an incredible chat with women in the design community. With Alessandra Wood, Director of Style at Modsy, and San Francisco Design Week artist, Chloe Bensahel.

Bringing Romance Back to Art in the Age of Digital Design
New York Times, House Industries, HP

June 8, 10:00-11:00 AM

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Hosted by Mark Borden, the New York Times Creative-at-Large, will host a conversation on bringing the romance back in the art of digital design. With Andy Cruz, Co-Founder of House Industries and Enrique Lores, President of HP Imaging and Printing.

The Award Season is Here

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Among being one of the most prestigious festivals in the world of design, SFDW premiers a design competition. Over the occurrence of the event, competitors will be judged by a jury composed of the leading Bay Area design professionals. The winners will have their work displayed on the website of the SFDW Awards and will have a series of benefits as well. Some of them include the use of official San Francisco Design Awards medallion for your marketing materials, the winner product will be displayed at the San Francisco Design Week Opening Night Awards Exhibit, among others. We’re crossing fingers for the lucky one!


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