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Fincantieri: Leading The Sea With Luxurious Touches

The Sea, Ahead

A leading company in the world of high tech and modernity, Fincantieri is a leading group when it comes to making the world as safe and as modern as it can be. A safe and most extravagant way of spending your vacations. With twenty shipyards across Europe, the Americas and Asia, Fincantieri has 230 years of experience in the world of seafaring.


Fincantieri Leading The Sea With Luxurious Touches 1

Get around and you’re set on seeing something from one of the largest shipbuilders in the world. A leader in cruise ship design and construction, high tech is one of the main features in any the group’s services. From naval vessel to mega yachts, count with tailor-made products.

With a world record in 1992 as the fastest transatlantic crossing without refuelling, Fincantieri leads the world in its that tracks. With ultra luxurious ways of making travelling be the first option on your mind, count with elegance, charisma and high tech. Leading the market in the tourism section, these high luxury cruises are something worth spending your money on!

Harmony, prime quality and luxury without being too much, Fincantieri has the Y factor on point. One of the sparkling gems of the group it The Crown Princess with its dolphin-like silhouette designed by Renzo Piano. Boasting with the Italian essence, the high luxury cruises prime themselves for being a prime example in the world of design, experiences and high-performance craft.


“Fincantieri Yachts has created boats that are the epitome of Italian creativity and style: unique, one-of-a-kind, and instantly recognized around the world.”

The vision behind this takeover of the sea isn’t knew. Sustainability, diversification and pioneering work are just some of the key characteristics and values of the group. Respecting the heritage and the values of the past, Fincantieri is one step ahead of its time while protecting its roots.

Fincantieri Foundation

The Foundation was established in March 2008 with the goal to promote the reclaiming and safeguarding of Fincantieri’s Corporate heritage in the shape of historical documents about naval and merchant shipbuilding, as well as industrial archaeological items.

A non-profit organization that promotes social solidarity with cultural events and activities, it has retrieved documents, among other things about the industrial output of shipbuilding. While participating in conventions, exhibitions and conferences the Foundation helps to promote the historical heritage of the group.

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