Creative Ways To Make Your Old Kitchen Feel Modern

Whether your kitchen is a fixer-upper from decades ago or your laminate countertop and linoleum floor have seen better days, it may be time to update it. With all of the new ideas out on the market from creative uses of colors, fashionable appliances and innovative materials, there is a world of amenities to help you decorating this area with the latest trends.

Replace old metals with up to date, innovative alternatives

Older kitchens were made with materials that were popular decades ago, but with manufacturers coming out with innovative elements, there is no reason not to try them out in your updated kitchen. Metals are a hot trend in this design with choices ranging from chrome, brushed aluminum, stainless steel, nickel and copper – try these materials out in your cabinetry hardware, pendant lighting and range hood options.

Change out old flooring with wood or other resistant materials

Flooring is one of the parts that is often forgotten about but it’s, undoubtedly, crucial. While you may think it won’t make a difference, try switching from your traditional rolled vinyl or linoleum flooring to a more resistant component such as wood, tile or stone. These materials will last longer as well as boost the value of your house. In recent years, ceramic tile that looks just like hardwood has become popular as well as travertine and slate.

Remove upper cabinetry for a sleeker look

In older houses, the trend was to include walls and walls of upper cabinetry to store house dishes and cookware and, often times, these cabinets would just make your kitchen feel cluttered. If you want to increase the visual space, consider removing the upper cabinets and just leave the lower ones. This frees up the wall for adding color or even attaching floating or open shelving for a few decorative items and dishware.

Incorporate modern seating

Your kitchen probably is the busiest area of your house. It brings the family together at meals and it’s the “pulse” of your home. To modernize your old kitchen, consider bringing seating from the dining room into this space. Whether you choose countertop stools and seats at a breakfast bar or you opt for a banquette or bench at a window side table, seating can make this space have a whole new appeal.
Modern-Kitchen-design 1

Paint Cabinetry with the Latest Colors

If you love your current kitchen cabinets but would like to give them a more modern appeal – why not add some color? Painting, staining and even replacing cabinetry doors with new and contemporary detailed ones are a great option for homeowners on a budget. There are plenty of faux finishes you can try while painting your cabinets – and who doesn’t love a great DIY project?

Install new lighting options

Once you have modernized the space’s major components, don’t forget the lighting! While it can be minimal it’s essential for safety, ambiance and versatility. If you have been using only one overhead ambient light fixture, look for recessed lighting or “can lights” for a contemporary illumination source.

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