Yet another overwhelming, exquisite lighting piece by DelightFULL. The Amy floor lamp is the vintage touch everyone is missing in their living rooms – unless, of course, you already have it. If not… you’ll fall in love so deeply with it that you won’t resist getting one for yourself.
DelightFULL’s Amy light fixture is the answer to all your problems – whether you are looking for a mood setter or a reading light, this piece’s design is Amy Winehouse inspired (but that goes without saying) and it incomparably balances the modern and the vintage as well as the contemporary vibe and the soul in Amy’s voice.
Amy floor lamp is a tribute to the phenomenal, vivacious British singer and songwriter. The black outlining resembles the black of her hair and, if you look close enough, you can see that the pretty little golden detail is just like her golden earrings. But, of course, a tribute to the great Amy Winehouse couldn’t be just this – so, in addition, this light fixture opens up to a golden interior to mimic her golden, jazzy voice. This sophisticated, elegant and timeless piece is perfect for any living room set, working as a reading light, perfect to enjoy your favorite book or drink a glass of scotch while listening to your favorite Amy Winehouse record – and yes, we know. It’s every single one of them.
Redefine your ambiance and set the tone with this designer tribute to one of the best voices the world has ever known.
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