8 Surprisingly Colorful Bathrooms

8 Surprisingly Colorful Bathrooms | The inspiration of the day will be on bathroom designs. They are an important part of any house too, and they must have the best design. Bathroom designs doesn’t have to be boring.
Those bathrooms forgot neutral-only palettes in favor of something a little more splashy.
8 Surprisingly Colorful Bathrooms
In the bathroom of this tiny floating home in Denmark, the epoxy floor transitions from whitish gray to submarine yellow. The black-and-white industrial laundry bin is by Vipp.
8 Surprisingly Colorful Bathrooms
At an otherwise neutral-toned loft in Brooklyn, the bathroom features a pattern of gray and turquoise tiles that climbs from the floors up the walls.
red bathroom
At this Hawaiian home built on a lava flow, a curved tub room is wrapped in red tile from a Canadian company called Interstyle.
green bathroom
Sea green Heath tiles, which were hand-selected from boxes of factory seconds, enliven this midcentury renovation in Portland, Oregon.
red bathroom
In keeping with the red hot Arizona climate, the bathroom at this live/work space in Phoenix has shocking magenta ceilings, floors, and walls.
yellow bathroom
The prismatic bathrooms at this Madrid apartment renovation are a departure from the more subdued living spaces. The strong colors of this bathroom design they certanly will contrast with the main spaces of the house.
pink bathroom

A sudden transition to pink greets visitors to the guest bathroom at this sustainable home in California.
blue bathroom
At this family-friendly house in Australia, the bathrooms are tiled in bright blue mosaic to offset the rest of the home’s limited materials and color palette.

What do you think about our colorful inspirations? Now all you’ve got to do is to choose the best option for your own bathroom design. Yes, is that easy…

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