Today we take you on a journey about Scandinavian Bedrooms.
This is a major trend for 2016 and we, as usual, want you to be aware of what is happening in the design world.
Scandinavian style is not a new trend, but once in a while, many interior designers choose to use it as inspiration for their projects. Neutral wall and backdrops, wood-made pieces, simple details and statement pieces are characteristic of this style. Scandinavian design implies elegant, chic, and minimalistic spaces. These kind of spaces that, despite of looking very “cold” and “winterish”, can give you a feeling of comfort and happiness.
Who doesn’t want to be elegant and chic, and feel good at home?
A quote characterise this design style is: “You don’t need to much to be cool!” Don’t you agree?
Check out the next gallery and fall in love with the best Scandinavian Designed Bedrooms.

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What a great way to start. Minimalist meets cool. A simple white bed with fun details such as the frames on the wall, the haul and a teddy bear sitting on a chair. Details in different colors make a huge difference and give personality to any space. 

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