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[tps_header]Pinterest is an amazing online platform for people to express their tastes regarding fashion, design, travel, food, etc.
Users upload pictures taken by themselves or pin images for other accounts creating their own boards, where they express feelings or preferences.
It is also used as a tool to promote brands, where the companies create boards that inspire and attract people.
If you work in the design world, for example, as an Interior Designer, this is the best way to get inspirations for your projects or to post pictures of your work.
So today, if you are feeling uninspired or just need to dive into amazing pictures, we show you some Inspiring Pinterest Boards You Must Follow.[/tps_header]
Design Milk – Eclectic interiors and beautiful cozy sets make boards a must see.
Rocking Interiors by Tyler Wister Home – As the name says, rocking interiors is the soul of these board. Strong and powerful colors are constantly used to inspire cool projects.
Kitchen Confidential by Victoria Smith – It’s all about amazing kitchen decor, creating the idea that a kitchen can be a very enjoyable place to be.
H.M – “The details are not the details, they make the design.” This is the motto of this amazing Pinterest.
Design Sponge – Romantic and woody details can be found on several boards of this Pinterest. A romantic touch is always needed.
[tps_footer]Whenever you feel uninspired or you feel the need to share your pictures or create your own boards, just go on Pinterest account and dive in the thousands of inspirational pictures that you can found there.
If you like lighting design, and also want to see amazing pieces to get inspired by, just go to DelightFULL‘s website.[/tps_footer]

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