Exclusive Interview with Monika Goszcz-Kłos

Goszczdesign is a design studio owned and operated by Monika Goszcz-Kłos and based in Warsaw, Poland. Monika Goszcz designs apartments and houses as well as public spaces and among all her projects are the night club Utopia, the minimalist florist Secret Garden, the Spirit Spa and the hair and makeup salon Atelier Nr1. Monika Goszcz was kind enough to answer a few questions. Let’s find out how did this passion born with this exclusive interview!
Exclusive Interview with Monika Goszcz-Kłos
What originally made you want to study interior design?
I was fascinated by color and form since childhood. I paid attention to interiors and space surrounding me. I always wanted to be able to create them.
To be in love with our work is always the key to achieving better (and the best) results. Are you in love with this job? What do you love the most about being an interior designer?
My work is my lifestyle. I love what I do. It’s really satisfying that people live and feel well in spaces designed by me. It’s amazing the fact that I can create beautiful interiors, and that each one of them is like a piece of art.
Exclusive Interview with Monika Goszcz-Kłos
How would you describe your signature style?
People in Poland used to call me Coco Chanel because I designed only French style black and white interiors. Currently, projects that come out of my studio are a modern interpretation of classic styles.
Tell us about your company. How did it born?
I have been interested in design as a child. The breakthrough was in the 2000 year when “Wysokie”.
Exclusive Interview with Monika Goszcz-Kłos
Do you have a favorite project or a favorite story about one of your projects?
I’m currently in the during project implementation that differs significantly from what I was creating until now. It is my new interesting challenge. I shall say only that the interior will have artistic character. I travel with my client in search of artworks and original furniture by the international design capitals like Milan and Paris as well as more quaint towns like Porto in Portugal. We combine known luxury brands with more local, specific to that region design style. As a result, the interior will gain a unique atmosphere. That’s how looks collaboration with me.
How important is to have the perfect chemistry between you and your clients in order to achieve the best results?
The chemistry between the client and the designer is very important. Good communication allows you to create exceptional interiors and also affects the efficient cooperation. Equally important is the client to trust in the designer. Without these factors, it is difficult to achieve a successful project. When I do not feel chemistry with a client I don’t sign the contract, sometimes it happens. I think that I have good intuition after years of experience.
Exclusive Interview with Monika Goszcz-Kłos  Exclusive Interview with Monika Goszcz-Kłos
Keep up to date on all the trends and novelties is essential to anyone who wants to conquer this market. In what ways do you keep current on trends?
I’m going to the fair Salone del Mobile in Milan and Maison et Objet in Paris every year. Besides, I am up to date with developments valued by design studios from France and Italy. In addition, I collaborate with the best brands, which create design trends.
All artists need inspiration to work, and interior designers are artists too. So, who and what inspires you?
I travel a lot. I always come back with a head full of new ideas from each trip. During my journeys, I try to observe the world. I pay attention not only to the modern design but also to the ordinary world around me also on the people their behavior and habits in every place I visit. It is extremely inspiring. Furthermore, I have a house full of designers’ catalogs like Jamie Hayon and Marcel Wanders. I appreciate their projects for the ingenuity and innovative approach to design.
Exclusive Interview with Monika Goszcz-Kłos Exclusive Interview with Monika goszcz (2)Exclusive Interview with Monika goszcz (2)
If you had to pick a project around the world that you wish it had been made by you, which would it be?
Hotel La Reserve Ramatuelle.
To choose the best pieces that compose a project can be the secret to get the best results. Although it seems easy, this is a delicate task and it needs full attention on time to execute it. Do you have some tips for those who do not know well how to start a challenge like this?
I think it is extremely important to understand the customer’s needs. He will be a major user of the completed project. Besides – intuition, which, however, is largely the result of the experience. I advise young designers to develop his own unique style and learn how to choose. Each project beyond the aesthetic value should primarily be functional.
Exclusive Interview with Monika Goszcz-Kłos
In your opinion, which brands cannot be forgotten in a decorating project for this project to be a remarkable one?
Every designer has their favorite brands. In my projects, there are often products of manufacturers such as Bisazza, Rimadesio, Delightfull. I appreciate them for design and quality of the workmanship.
As a designer, what do you want to be remembered for?
For professionalism and personal style.
Hope you liked the interview with Monika Goszcz-Kłos! Visit her website and find all the amazing projects created by her. You can also visit our Pinterest Board in order to find more inspirations on interior designs and architecture. Get more ideas for your interior design projects and find functional, stylish, sizable and trendy decor choices.

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