[tps_header]A Home Remodel is a big financial and emotional investment.
It can also be a big investment of your time if you want to be closely involved in the decision-making process.
Knowing what to expect before the project gets started will help you prepare for times to come, so, inspired by an Architectural Digest article regarding this issue, we selected a few questions you should always ask your contractor before starting a home remodeling project.[/tps_header]
1. Are you licensed and insured?
Have a conversation with the person you are hiring to do the job and ask if the company he/she owns is legally certified and has all the documents in order. In case you still have questions, contact your state’s consumer affairs department or local government to check if the contractor you’re considering is properly licensed—and if there have been any recent complaints about his or her work.
what to ask your contractor before a Home remodel
2. What is the estimate schedule? And Who will be here every day?
A schedule is not just a start and end date. Having a schedule that outlines tasks and timing of the work will give you a big-picture view of sequencing and deadlines for extra arrangements. It will also give you a benchmark so that you know if things are slipping by a day or two.
Ask your contractor about who will be responsible for opening and locking up, who will supervise subcontractors on site and who to call on a daily basis with any questions. Make a list with names and contact numbers in case you need an urgent information or just a regular check-up.
what to ask your contractor before a Home remodel
3. Do you have any shopping discounts?
Most contractors and interior designers get 10 up to 40 percent trade discounts on appliances. Be polite and you might get a good deal in the end. 

4. How will you communicate with me? And How do I reach you after hours?
Your contractor likely has specific ways to communicate — daily emails, cloud-based schedules, phone calls or even WhatsApp. Make sure you understand how you will be contacted and receive information. Try to make an agreement that both parts are comfortable with and to avoid misunderstandings or miscommunication.
Knowing how to reach your contractor on an emergency basis is just as important as your contractor being able to reach you. Exchange all your numbers — work, cell and landline — so that contacting each other won’t be a crisis in itself.
what to ask your contractor before a Home remodel


[tps_footer]Hope you liked today’s article. Our intention is to provide you the basic information you need to have a successful home remodel.
If you are thinking about doing a remodel to your house or if you have a new project, check out some lighting inspirations at DelightFULL website.[/tps_footer]
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