[tps_header]Decorating an outdoor space is never an easy task.
There are several details to think about regarding this kind of projects. The dimension, the climate, the kind of areas you want to create and how to create them, the kind of fabrics and material that are “outdoor friendly”, the lighting spots, etc.
Nowadays, a wide range of products is available and adapted to be used in outdoor projects.
It is a great opportunity to create a space where you feel comfortable outside yet inside your home. You can create dining areas, lounge area, play areas, whatever you want. The options are infinite, and so are the inspirations.
In this article, we selected for you some Inspiring Outdoor Ideas, so you can start creating your own private outdoor space.[/tps_header]
In this first outdoor setting, the lounge area is designed with the combination of different colors and fabric.
A black and white print contrasting with the orange of the sofa, and the candle set on the wall to create a more comfortable and cozy environment.
A chic and contemporary set, with see-through walls from the inside to the outside, and a metallic lighting piece called Coltrane to give that extra chic touch.
A romantic and cozy decor, perfect to spend some good moments appreciating the nature that surrounds this area, with colorful details, mixed materials and a contemporary chandelier called Atomic to add an edginess to this space.
A space full of nature. Plant and trees are in perfect combination with the modern design of the furniture.
The special details of the fireplace take this decor to another level and the dark shades in the furniture contrast with the earthy shades of the natural elements.
(Photo taken by AD).
A clean and simple outdoor space. The idea is to combine both inside and outside as a single big space, eliminating the brick barriers and creating a full environment.
The wall fixture called Galliano, has a sculptural shape and it’s versatile and yet contemporary and balances the transitions from the inside to the outside.
[tps_footer]After seeing this inspiring pictures, take some ideas and start decorating the outside area of your home. In the end, you realize that is not just the inside that matter, but also the outside.
For more inspirations, go to Delightfull‘s website.[/tps_footer]

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