A few days left for St. Valentines Day and our hearts are getting warmer and our bank accounts getting empty.
But, despite of that, the feeling of love and passion in the air is contagious. We, at Inspirations, were highly contaminated by those feelings, so we prepared a selection of images to inspire you even more for this Valentines Day.
Today, we present you 5 Romantic Lighting Ideas.
Romantic Lighting Designs doesn’t necessarily have to have heart shapes or red colors. However they do have to transmit a feeling of passion and make you think about love couples, love stories, romantic places, etc…
Scroll down, and join us on this romantic journey.
Donna Table, by Essential Home. A mid-century inspired lighting piece, with gold and marble details, perfect for a romantic ambiance, to share some good moments. (Source: Essential Home)
Gia, by Koket. A chandelier that reminds a bouquet of flowers falling from the sky. A romantic and feminine piece, with gold details and discreet light spots, ideal for a romantic dinner with you loved one. (Source: ByKoket)
Janis, by Delightfull. Like a set of candles that embellishes any room. It was designed to make a powerful stance, turning any place into a classic majestic setting with a romantic and warm feeling of love and passion. (Source: Delightfull)
Nymph, by Koket. Perfect harmony composing an overblown dramatic silhouette, which gives shape to a luxurious golden chandelier. (Source: ByKoket)
McQueen, by Luxxu. Made of hammered brass with gold plated and handmade butterflies and majestic flowers ending with the touch of beautiful Swarovski crystals. Bold and feminine this creation is a real lumen sculpture. (Source: Luxxu)
[tps_footer]Take your imagination to the next level and prepare a wonderful day and night for your loved one.
Prepare an unforgettable evening and have a great time.[/tps_footer]

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