[tps_header]Kids rooms are always a fun and enjoyable project to design and build.
Thinking about small details and creative furniture that will give a young and playful vibe to the room is an awesome work.
Colorful details are frequently used in this kind of projects, however, designers are using more neutral colors and let the color block details for the accessories, furniture and lighting pieces.
Today, we’ll show several options to decorate a Kids Room, from bright and eye-catching spaces, to more clean and neutral ambiances.
Come with us, embrace your inner-child, and check the next gallery.[/tps_header]
A magical and neutral nursey room. Soft colors on the wallpaper, wood details and colorful pieces like the chair matching the chandelier.
Animal paintings on the wall make this room a perfect place for a baby to rest and have a great time. (Source: Delightfull).

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