The Best Lighting Design Pieces from ICFF 2016

This year at ICFF , it was clearer and more evident the prominence of the city in the area of lighting design.
Taking place at Manhattan’s Jacob Javits Center from 14 to 17 May 2016, the trade show exhibited the best and the latest trends regarding interior design.
At the fair, the trend for brass fixtures appeared to be waning, making way for more black finishes, while light-diffusing glass orbs remained a staple.
After the show is over, and reviewing all those magnificent design work seen at the show, we selected the shinier and most exciting lighting pieces from ICFF 2016.
Take a look:
The Best Lighting Design Pieces from ICFF 2016
Circuit by Apparatus – Glowing glass capsules embodied in brass shades to form this pendant lamp. The repeated elements can be paired and alternated in different formations.
The Best Lighting Design Pieces from ICFF 2016
Meta by James Dieter – This lighting system by Brooklyn-based James Dieter is made up of linear lights with black-capped ends. Different configurations are created by positioning the tubes either parallel or perpendicular to the wall, joined together by metal connectors.
The Best Lighting Design Pieces from ICFF 2016
Botti Chandelier by Delightfull – Like an orchestra, Botti embodies all the details of wind instruments and takes us into a music concert. Its structure is handmade in brass and gently covered by a golden mantle, a monumental piece which shows the exquisite capacity of Delightfull’s skilled artisans.
The Best Lighting Design Pieces from ICFF 2016
Sketch by Work and Design – As part of the ongoing trend for design that looks like drawings, designer Rafael Avramovich has produced a series of lamps that look like a squiggly doodles.
The Best Lighting Design Pieces from ICFF 2016
X Diamond by Stickbulb – Multidisciplinary design firm Rux assembled its modular Stickbulb lighting into a giant octahedron. Each module is formed from 12 wood and metal elements that are inlaid with strips of LEDs.
Donna Table Lamp by Essential Home – This noble and elegant piece boasts a patterned composition of straight brass tubes in rhythm with the irregular shades of the Estremoz white marble, defining the jazzy saxophone melody creating a beautiful match for the classiest environments.
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