Hot weather, crystal blue water, and beautiful beach cottages set the tone to celebrate Summer in big style! Either you choose a more rustic, shabby chic or ethereal house decoration these spaces celebrate peace and quiet.
An ethereal look like the ones above gives that instantaneously feeling of relaxation. The predomination of the white color  and pastel colors with just some wooden accents are a perfect match!
You can go for a more high-end and luxurious cottage or a more simple cozy and fun one.
Here we have a few option you can get inspire from. Take a look:
A theme very popular in beach cottages is the classic nautical style, with shades of blue and white as a back. and the accessories to give some joy.
You can also add some colors like yellow and orange to give a little energy to the room!
Dreamy-Summer Beach Cottages
Rustic beach cottages are also very in demand. This style is very neutral and had some retro pieces to had some vintage flair.
Dreamy-Summer Beach Cottages
The exteriors need some attention too… These two following images are a perfect example of simplicity at is best! Sometimes less is more.
Dreamy-Summer Beach Cottages
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