Today we bring you yet another inspiring modern interior design project. Designed by BEINDESIGN, an architecture studio based in Moscow, this project couldn’t be any more appealing.
Thought to be a new approach to the minimalist design, with warmer colors than expected and mixing simple furniture with avant-gard details, this bachelor’s loft is everything you’ve ever dreamed of. A big emphasis was also put on natural light, as well as on other lighting elements, which will definitely not go unnoticed. Curious? Let’s take a look!
Inspiring Modern Interior DesignInspiring Modern Interior DesignInspiring Modern Interior Design
As it would be expected, a lot of whites and beiges are featured in this minimalist design. However, the contrast with the warm brown of the chair and the black color block creates a different and more engaging ambiance.
Inspiring Modern Interior DesignInspiring Modern Interior Design
The Ike Suspension light fixture with a black and gold finish by DelightFULL’s Heritage Collection is the perfect match for this minimalist interior, contrasting really well with the light color scheme.
Inspiring Modern Interior Design Inspiring ModernInteriorDesign Inspiring ModernInteriorDesign Inspiring Modern Interior Design
The details in the bedroom like the brown armchairs and the black and white photograph in a bright frame give the room a little more edginess, making it look modern and elegant at the same time.
Inspiring ModernInteriorDesign
The marble floor and cabinet give the bathroom a high-class look, still maintaining the minimalist style.
Photos’ Source: BEINDESIGN

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