Inspiring Vintage Home Libraries

We may be in the digital age, but no technology can compare to the feeling of a reading a really good book! So, today we decided to talk about why home libraries are so special. And we want to remind you just how perfect your home can turn out if you add this a vintage library to your design.
They’re comfortable, personal, and unique. So instead of choosing public and university libraries, enjoy something more personal. Enjoy your own home library. They can be formal or cozy with special touches such as a fireplace, unexpected colors, a desk, or a sitting area. Here, we reunited the best home libraries for your library design ideas.

Take a look!

home libraries
For a more industrial look, choose rough materials to build your bookshelves. Add a few armchairs or a sofa, with the best floor lamp to shed some light upon you during the winter nights that are yet to come…
home libraries
You can also opt for a more classic and bohemian style. Install a classic wooden bookshelf and throw some blankets on your sofa. Ready to go!
home libraries
You can use dead space to be creative and put up a few shelves for your books. All you need then is the perfect reading chair and you’re set for a wonderful evening.
home libraries
If your office space is also within your living room area, make sure to install some wall shelves in a very fashionable way. Add some elegant details, like the chairs and the zebra rug and your living room will look absolutely delightful!
home libraries
A classic is a classic for a reason. And this look just works. Effortlessly. Besides, how beautiful is that sofa?
home libraries
If vintage or the retro style are more your thing, go for a darker design, to make your living room look the ultimate vintage library!
home libraries
Featured in Architectural Digest, this beautiful and classy living room is surrounded by these avocado green bookshelves that give the space a very elegant feeling.
home libraries
Or you can go for a more contemporary look and cleaner look and just install floor to ceiling wooden bookshelves. It’s messy free and it looks just great!
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