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Scandinavian Christmas Trees for Your Holiday

Christmas is literally a few days away and we have the most special Scandinavian Christmas trees to inspire you! If you still haven’t put up your Christmas tree, now is the time. Luckily, we still have a few tricks up our sleeves, so we decided to put together an amazing little list of some of the best Scandinavian Christmas trees for you to fall in love with.
Take a look:
Scandinavian Christmas Trees
Photo © Popsugar
The very first Christmas tree idea we have for you is an adorable all red and silver ornamented tree. And instead of the typical bright star on the top of the tree, we have an alternative teddy bear that actually works wonderfully with the Scandinavian style.
Scandinavian Christmas Trees
Photo © Chic Deco
With a more classic and minimalist type of decor, this particular Christmas tree looks beautiful just on its own. The setting around it just adds to the log and wood-wonderland feeling.
Scandinavian Christmas Trees
Photo © Home Oh My
Here we have a classic Scandinavian all white tree. And it is probably one of our favorites, not to mention the dreamy setting around it!
Scandinavian Christmas Trees
Photo © Burke Decor
Another great option to decorate your tree is to put up little festive garlands instead of the usual Christmas lights. It will surely look stunning, and it’ll have your personal twist.
Scandinavian Christmas Trees
Photo © West Elm
On the other hand, when a tree’s as perfect as this one, it might not even need any kind of decor. You can see for yourself how beautiful your Christmas decor can turn out.
Scandinavian Christmas Trees
Photo © Kim Lucian
This one is for all the stylish parents out there. If your kid has more toys than you know what to do with them, then this might be an excellent idea! Put up some minimalist toys on your Christmas tree and let the kid in you run free during this very special time of the year.
Scandinavian Christmas Trees
Photo © My Scandinavian Home
Lastly, we had to feature this stunning Christmas setting. It is Scandinavian style at its best, with a wild and beautiful tree that has everything to be a success during the holiday season!
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