Technical Lighting Tips: Clean and Care

Perfectly know to clean and care your lighting fixtures is the secret for a well lit home! Discover the best lighting tips and have your lighting design always looking stunning and in perfect condition. However, this doesn’t mean you should not read the cleaning and care instructions that come with your lamp. Hopefully, this article will help you understand what best suits your needs! Now, go grab a pen and paper and start taking notes!

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Before cleaning any lamp or lampshade, be sure to unplug your light from its power source and disconnect it from all power outlets it might be connected to.
Unscrew the articulations so the arms of your lamps move more freely. This will ensure you don’t do any permanent damage to the electrical connections.
Take off your light bulbs, avoiding contact with the glass part. If need be, make sure to replace them with the recommended light bulb for your lamp.
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Technical Lighting Tips: Clean and Care
The best way to clean lamps that are made of iron, aluminum or copper is by using a clean soft cloth and then proceed to gently wipe the lamp. However, take note that solid metal bases can also be polished using lemon oil. The best tip is to be careful when wiping the lamp, always using gentle motions.


Technical Lighting Tips: Clean and Care
Brass bases are lacquered to prevent tarnishing. This means that using a brass cleaner is usually not necessary. However, in order to maintain the finish, you can use a clean and soft cloth to wipe your lamp. This will ensure you will have a shiny and clean lamp at all times!


Technical Lighting Tips: Clean and Care
In order to clean all the colorful parts of your lamp, you should make sure to use a clean and soft white cloth. If you prefer, you can dampen your cloth with a mild solution of soapy water, as it will help to keep the dust away for longer. You should thoroughly rinse the cloth in clean water and then re-do the whole process.


Technical Lighting Tips: Clean and Care
Marble can look stunning, but it should be well kept in order to stay with you through the years. Again, you can use a clean cloth to wipe the stone. You may also dampen the cloth with a mild solution of soapy water for a better cleaning process.
Technical Lighting Tips: Clean and Care

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Technical Lighting Tips: Clean and Care

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