Trending Product: Janis Standing Lamp

This special week DelightFULL has a new trending product! Do you remember “Best Of The Best Gold” by Janis Joplin? It could be only a song lost in the sixties, but it became a Delightfull standing lamp: Janis floor lamp is a contemporary floor lamp which recovers the golden jazz spirit of 60’s.

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Get ready to uncover the most wonderful secrets on one of DelightFULL’s most unique lamps: Janis standing lamp. As you will quickly realize, it boasts a powerful stance and it is a very unique piece that does not go unnoticed.
Trending Product: Janis Standing Lamp
Trending Product: Janis StandingLampFirst of all, you should know that Janis is a mid century floor lamp handmade in brass, with a gold-plated standard finish. What makes it so different than all the other mid century lighting designs is probably a number of brass arms it features with LED light bulbs placed on top. Inspired by one of the most celebrated rock goddesses, Janis Joplin, this art deco lighting design is just as powerful and unforgettable as she was.
Trending Product: Janis Standing Lamp
Below you can see with a little bit more detail how these arms are intricately built together to create a feeling of fullness. The LED light bulbs are a way to embrace your green consciousness and have a stunning lamp altogether!
Trending Product: Janis Standing Lamp
Below you can also check how this unique standing lamp looks like with other finishes such as nickel plated and copper, which is still pretty much in vogue these days.
Trending Product: Janis Standing Lamp
Trending Product: Janis StandingLamp
Trending Product: Janis StandingLampTrending Product: Janis Standing Lamp
All in all, Janis standing lamp is the perfect lighting design to feature in a contemporary home decor if you are looking to achieve an art deco statement piece. With a very unique shape and personality, Janis will be the central piece you are looking for your living room.

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