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What's Hot on Pinterest: 5 Scandinavian Living Rooms Ideas

Scandinavian style: a blend of styles from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The interior design results in spaces filled with light, heavily utilising natural elements, neutral colour palettes, and clean lines. Today in our weekly signature ‘What’s Hot on Pinterest’ we are going to show you 5 Scandinavian living rooms in order to inspire you! Keep scrolling and get ready.

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Incorporating pops of colour are a great way of brightening and lifting a room. Don’t forget that in a Scandinavian interior design, the function is placed above over aesthetics so the colour would be kept to a minimum, just like in this living room.

What's Hot on Pinterest 5 Scandinavian Living Rooms Ideas 7You can try to use a single sofa, chair, or large item to add a splash of colour. Patterned accessories can work well, but in a Nordic interior design avoid unnecessary clutter.
What's Hot on Pinterest 5 Scandinavian Living Rooms Ideas 6Wooden flooring is a staple in Nordic interiors. The wood is often light in colour and used in living rooms.
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Plants, for example, are a great way to integrate colour and texture and add interest without feeling cluttered. This is a great living room idea for your home decor and an easy one to incorporate.
Much like Copper Tan, Blue Bell by Pantone was inspired by the London Fashion Week color palette. What does this mean in practical terms? It means that this Pantone blue shade will most likely be in every store you set your foot in the Fall and Winter seasons. Conveying tranquility and sophistication, it is easy to understand why this color was included in the ‘Color Palette for London‘ by Pantone.What's Hot on Pinterest 5 Scandinavian Living Rooms Ideas 1
If bright and bold isn’t for you, try keeping it neutral, but play with layering complementary shades –like in this dazzling living room. Using multiple shades of the same colour helps to create interest and depth.

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