Mid-Century Lamps to Brighten Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to come together around a table, there’s nothing better to bring light to the room than Mid-Century Lamps.

Thanksgiving is getting close, and many many people get together for a nice heartwarming meal in each other’s homes. The dining room and the kitchen really become the center of attention. Get your modern dining room looking luxurious and lavish with these Thanksgiving décor ideas and mid-century lamps.


Cook the turkey in style

Mid-Century Lamps to Brighten Your Thanksgiving Dinner
Some of us we’ll be in the kitchen all day long, cooking the turkey, the stuffing, the pumpkin pies, and all the delicious delicacies we’re used to having on a Thanksgiving table. Spending a whole day in one room of your house may get exhausting… Unless it looks amazing, which it will do if you decorate it with an amazing mid-century suspension lamp. Mid-century lamps are a choice you can’t get wrong in a clean modern kitchen

Light up Family Time

Minimalism to keep focus

Mid-Century Lamps to Brighten Your Thanksgiving Dinner 7
If you like to keep the focus on family and people, you’ll most likely love a minimalist decoration. Light up the table and the people around it and don’t get distracted by anything else. Decorate your dining room with the Ike mid-century lamp, keep it simple and don’t lose track on what’s essential: people, love, food.

Class to impress

Mid-Century Lamps to Brighten Your Thanksgiving Dinner 7
Brubeck is an Icon for luxury. If you want to impress your guests, then this is a safe bet for your Thanksgiving décor. This modern chandelier will fit perfectly in your lavish plans and make heads turn. It’ll be hard to focus on the turkey with a Brubeck glistening over your head.

Clean and ClassicMid-Century Lamps to Brighten Your Thanksgiving Dinner 7

Luxury doesn’t just mean flashy and shiny. Many times, the purest manifestation of luxury is cleanness and simplicity. That’s what you get with the Matheny. Luxury, a hint of lavish and flash, but also a stunning simplicity that impresses anyone while still being discreet. This mid-century lamp is versatile enough to flash and yet, not divert focus from the family moments.

Stay Gold

Mid-Century Lamps to Brighten Your Thanksgiving Dinner 7
Gold is always a color that is sure to stand out and class up a room. This is another show of Ike‘s versatility. While it’s still simple and minimalist, it adds a touch of glory and lavishness that definitely gives a room an upgrade. This mid-century lamp matches perfectly with any Thanksgiving décor. Your modern dining room will glow.


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