Mid-Century Lamps and Movies: A Hollywood Love Affair

It’s World Cinema Day, and we couldn’t let this day go by without showing you how Mid-Century Lamps perfectly fit into the most brilliant Movie and TV Show sets.

Sometimes you’re watching a movie and you’re simply dazzled and overwhelmed by the sets, some other times the sets just make you feel at home. Many times you don’t even notice the details because everything is just seamlessly woven together, other times there’s an element that simply pops out. In this article, we’ll show you why it is so often due to the powerful role played by mid-century lamps and their perfect relationship with the modern sets they are in.


1. “Elementary my dear… Meola?”

Hospital rooms aren’t exactly the most exciting place on Earth. Nothing good ends in a hospital room, which is why they are always so soberly and sterilely decorated. Well, the set designers at the Sherlock TV Show managed to give it a hint of mid-century modern elegance by adding a beautiful modern light fixture on the bedside table of the hero’s recovery room. Who knows if it didn’t help him heal quicker.

2. The Future is Luxury

Mid-Century Lamps and Movies A Hollywood Love Affair.1
What can you expect from a movie about a perfect soldier from the future? Quality, innovation, glowy and futuristic beauty. That’s exactly what Ghost in The Cage’ set designers aimed for when they used multiple suspension Coltranes on the ceiling in the scene pictured here. And they really did accomplish their mission. They look really good when they are featured next to ScarJo.

3. Super-Heroes, Super Lamps

Mid-Century Lamps and Movies A Hollywood Love Affair.0
Marvel’s Luke Cage is one of the hottest superhero shows right now. Super strong, super stylish with a super rich supervillain. Everything is super in this show, and so are the sets. Luxury transpires at every nightclub scene. That’s why the Botti and Coltrane were indispensable in these sets. And don’t they look tremendous!
Mid-Century Lamps and Movies A Hollywood Love Affair 3

4. There’s no Shade Without Light

Mid-Century Lamps and Movies A Hollywood Love Affair
50 Shades of Grey was the Blockbuster of 2015. It was a movie that transpired pure luxury. Class and style were exuding from this movie’s every pore. This movie’s sets were brought especially alive by Ike, Coltrane and Turner lamps. Fitting seamlessly into the sets of this incredibly successful movie, and standing out at just the right times, DelightFULL’s lamps were a touch of elegance in this film’s millionaire protagonist’s apartment.


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