Norah: The Inspiring Space Age Mid-Century Lamp

With arms that seem to reach out to you, this Mid-Century lamp is inspired by 50s decor and takes on a style that evokes the Sputnik and Race To Space era.

Norah is a mid-century modern lamp that was inspired by the 50s decor. This modern sputnik chandelier light is the perfect combination of a mid-century modern design and a minimalist design.


Reaching Out

Norah: The Inspiring Space Age Mid-Century Lamp
Norah is a modern suspension lamp that has 17 arms reaching out from the center, coming to light up whatever you need and whatever you mean to have focused on. Be it in a Scandinavian style decor or a more 50s vibe, Norah has the arms you want coming out to hug your room with light, brightening up your house and pulling your decor together.

Much like Copper Tan, Blue Bell by Pantone was inspired by the London Fashion Week color palette. What does this mean in practical terms? It means that this Pantone blue shade will most likely be in every store you set your foot in the Fall and Winter seasons. Conveying tranquility and sophistication, it is easy to understand why this color was included in the ‘Color Palette for London‘ by Pantone.Norah The Inspiring Space Age Mid-Century Lamp 5

The Space Age Inspiration

Norah The Inspiring Space Age Mid-Century Lamp 5Sputnik is the very first artificial satellite launched from earth. In 1957, at the early stages of the America vs Russia Race To Space, the Russians took this important first step in innovation. It marked an era of futuristic thought and philosophy and took many direct impacts to peoples lives.
9 Fashion Designers Reveal They Architecture InspirationNorah The Inspiring Space Age Mid-Century Lamp 5One of those effects relates to home decoration too. The 50s were marked by modern chandeliers that inspired this mid-century lamp’s design too. Norah exudes innovation and future and breathes out the Sputnik’s adventurous and groundbreaking spirit. If you want a modern chandelier to bring your house back into the future, then Norah is the perfect piece for that.
Norah The Inspiring Space Age Mid-Century Lamp 5


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