What's Hot on Pinterest: 5 Scandinavian Dining Rooms

Let’s find out which Scandinavian dining rooms were hot on Pinterest this week!

Scandinavia isn’t just one place. The term refers to three northern European countries – Norway, Sweden and Denmark. However, the definition has been expanded in common usage to include Finland, Iceland, and even, though less often, Greenland. This is probably one of our favorite interior design styles due to its unique new approach to design, combining beauty, simplicity, and functionality. Today we present you 5 Scandinavian dining rooms that represent perfectly why we love this style and why our Pinterest followers agree with us. Let’s keep scrolling and fall in love!

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What's Hot on Pinterest 5 Scandinavian Dining Rooms
These concrete Scandinavian pendant lights are as stunning as can be, and their hard edge makes them a great counterbalance to the soft-edged fur seating.

What's Hot on Pinterest 5 Scandinavian Dining Rooms 1
Nothing looks as cozy as the fluffiness of the faux fur. Faux fur looks stunning and will fit into any style, providing an exquisite touch to your Scandinavian design.
What's Hot on Pinterest 5 Scandinavian Dining Rooms 1
Nature is probably one of the most important features of your Scandinavian interior design. So, if you want to have a dreamy Scandinavian dining room don’t forget to add some plants to provide a more personalized touch.
What's Hot on Pinterest 5 Scandinavian Dining Rooms 4

Ella round chandelier is a unique ceiling fixture which brings back the clean and sophisticated feel of the mid-century modern era lived in the 1960’s Palm Springs. With a Scandinavian style, this chandelier will elevate your dining room lighting design. 

What's Hot on Pinterest 5 Scandinavian Dining Rooms 5
This beautiful Scandinavian dining room has a white, black and light grey palette that we absolutely love. With a Scandinavian lighting design and with minimalist furniture, this is dining room design is probably one of our favorites.

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