Top Interior Design Trends: What's IN for 2018!

These are the home design trends that will dominate 2018!

2018 is fast approaching, so today we decided to invite you to see our predictions for the top interior design trends that will define the success of your upcoming interior design projects or home renovation. So with the start of the new year soon, it’s the best time to get the old out and be in with the new!

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Wallpapers as art

Top Interior Design Trends What's IN for 2018! 1
We’re using wallpapers more than ever before, and not just limiting it to the four walls either. The ceiling is often something we overlook when it comes to decorating our home, but wallpapering the fifth wall looks to be gaining popularity again. So, in 2018 use wallpaper to express your individuality and personality!

Ultra Violet

Top Interior Design Trends What's IN for 2018! 5
Of course Pantone color of the year 2018 is one of the biggest interior design trends of 2018. The cosmic futuristic color fetches the fetches the ultimate time travel experience into a mystical dimension, where the originality and visionary thinking live and where the experimentation and non-conformity are awarded.


Top Interior Design Trends What's IN for 2018! 4
Marble, especially in shades of white, light gray and black, is still a popular material for countertops, flooring, tabletops, lighting, accessories.

Peach over Millenial Pink

Top Interior Design Trends What's IN for 2018! 3
Although Millenial Pink remains a popular choice, Peach will begin its climb as a major player in the interior design trends of 2018. It’s pretty and easy to pair with anything. The soft coral salmon peach is what’s coming!

Eclectic Design

Top Interior Design Trends What's IN for 2018! 2
“A major trend is layering different eras and textures of furnishings. The strictly minimal mid-century modern style favored for the better part of 2010’s is making way for more eclectic design” – Kari McIntosh

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