Fall In Love With This Top 5 by AD Interior Designers

We need to share with you some of our favorite names that made the cut into the so awaited Architectural Digest list!

Certainly, you’ll fall in love with this top 5 by AD Interior Designers! Keep scrolling and feel the inspiration…

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Martyn Lawrence Bullard Design

Martyn Lawrence Bullard has no competition what so ever! He’s a multi-award winning L.A-based interior designer, beloved by all due to his ability to match different styles and create eclectic yet sophisticated environments, that make the wonder of his clients!
It comes as no surprise that he is considered by the Architectural Digest interior designers list, as one of the best interior designers, whose work has been recognized by being permanently featured in the Elle Décor’s A-List!
Martyn has one of the sharpest eyes for detail and color symbiosis, which allowed him to decorate iconic places as the Colony Palms Hotel in Palm Springs, besides having famous Hollywood stars as Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian, as clients.
Fall In Love With This Top 5 by AD Interior Designers

Stephen Shadley Designs

Stephen Shadley is the interior designer featuring our top 10 best interior designer list, with the higher cinematographic influence. Fascinated with the attention for details, Stephen admits he finds his inspiration on Classic motion pictures as “Blade Runner” or the first Hitchcock movies, which had such a perfection in terms of details, it’s unbelievable!
His works of art in terms of interior design projects, transmit an effortless tranquillity, as he mostly uses a restricted and consistent set of materials and colors.  He worked alongside with the actress Jennifer Aniston to transform a 1970 residence, into a comfortable yet sophisticated and modern home, and the result was simply stunning!
Fall In Love With This Top 5 by AD Interior Designers

India Mahdavi

There’s no higher perfection than India Mahdavi interior design styling, and if you were looking for someone who knew how to deal with color, well this definitely is India Mahdavi!
India has a bold and modern approach to interior design, she doesn’t comply with the traditional and colorless styles we tend to nowadays, and she does admit she has a fling for super colorful environments, it’s just her thing!
Born in Tehran and with an oriental heritage to back her up, she grew up knowing what constantly changing backgrounds and lifestyles meant, which might be how she acquired this distinct taste for colorful luxurious spaces!
Fall In Love With This Top 5 by AD Interior Designers

Suzanne Kasler Interiors

Suzanne Kasler Interiors is an Atlanta-based interior design queen, whose background allows her to exhibit a comprehensive knowledge of interior architecture and decorative arts.
Suzanne always reminds her employees and clients that “a room should be collected, not decorated”, which shows her commitment in creating the best interior design decor, where she incorporates the personal collections of her clients, for a touch of intimacy, with antiques and contemporary pieces, all together building the most intimate yet sophisticated place you’ve ever seen!
Fall In Love With This Top 5 by AD Interior Designers

Francis Sultana

Another UK interior designer climbing his way to the Top 10 best interior designers and being listed in Architectural Digest 100 top interior designersFrancis Sultana opened his studio in 2009 and since that day, he started to make every single of his major art collector clients’ interior design styles dreams come true!
His work is adored for his incredible ability to ally the residential comfort needs with large scale visual art, sculptures and installation pieces, and if we look closer, we might find in his interior design some influences of the 1920 and 1930 decades, as we uses noble materials (bronze, straw marquetry, etc). This is actually a great new for the mid century modern brandsof the world, who wish to work with this interior design genius!
Fall In Love With This Top 5 by AD Interior Designers

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