iSaloni: If You Are In Italy, Speak Italian!

A list of basic Italian phrases you can learn and practice while you are in Italy during iSaloni! Pronto?

April is Milan’s Month, definitely! Milan has so many cool and international things going on on the forth month of the year, that we really need to be organized.
Early April – Holy Week and Easter, Milan’s Fashion Week and, last but not least, International Furniture Fair – iSaloni 2018, Salone Internazionale del Mobile – where more than 300 designers and craftsmen from all over the world descend on Milan to display their latest designs and innovations in the world of home furnishings and fixtures. The Salone, which celebrated its 50th anniversary, in 2012, takes place at Milan’s huge convention center FieraMilano located in Rho, an exurb of Milan, and in galleries and workshops in the city.
As you can see, with so many events going on, we are going to be a while in Italy! So, we thought it is useful to know some basic Italian phrases, vocabulary, and grammar! Let’s go!

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1. Saying Hello

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Saying Hello or Good Morning is the first thing we learn when we are trying to speak another language. Being polite is crucial and it is the starting point of a basic and a daily conversation.
Something that is very curious is that, in Italian, “Hello” and “Goodbye” can be said the same way:
Hello/ Hi / Bye    
Ciao (Chow)
Italians are known for their happiness; so perhaps, it is difficult to say goodbye! It is always a hello!
Good Morning     
Buon giorno (bwon zhor-no)
Good Evening   
Buona sera (bwoh-nah seh-rah)

Good Night 
Buona notte (bwoh-nah noht-teh)

No matter what time is it, you are ready to go out and to show off your Italian skills!

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2. Presenting yourself

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Notice that Italian has informal and formal ways of saying things. This is because there is more than one meaning to “you” in Italian (as well as in many other languages.) The informal you is used when talking to close friends, relatives, animals or children. The formal you is used when talking to someone you just met, do not know well, or someone for whom you would like to show respect (a professor, for example.) There is also a plural you, used when speaking to more than one person.
My name is …
Mi chiamo… (mee kee-ah-mo)

But when you are introducing yourself for the first time, you should say :
Sono (your name)
What’s your name?
Come si chiama? (koh-meh see kee-ah-mah)

How are you?(formal/informal)
Come sta? / Come stai? (koh-meh stah / koh-meh sty)
I am fine.  
Sto bene. (stoh beh-neh)
Not bad.      
Non c’è male. (nohn cheh mah-leh)
Thank you so much.
Grazie mille.
You probably know the word grazie (pronounced grah-zi-e) which means “thank you.” But grazie mille means “thank you so much,” and can be used to thank your waiter after a delicious meal, the hotel concierge for their service, or in any other situation where you would like to express your gratitude.

3. Asking for Directions

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Asking for directions is also very important. You are in a different country, so it is normal to feel a little bit lost! Do not be worried, you can ask for some directions to the local civilians! Stai calmo!
Can you give me the correct direction?
Puoi darmi la direzione corretta?

Go ahead.
Vai avanti.
Turn right.
Girare a destra.
Turn Left.
Gira a sinistra.
In Portugal, we have a saying that is ” Who has a mouth, goes to Rome!”, so probably the same thing happens if you want to go to Milan!

4. Ordering a meal

ISaloni If You Are In Italy, Speak Italian!

We are in Italy, so pasta and pizza are a must! So, we decided to teach how to order these delicious meals and we also choose some common ingredients you can add!
I want to order a pizza with cheese and ham.
Voglio una pizza con formaggio e prosciutto.
I want to order pasta with cheese and meat. 
Voglio pasta con carne e formaggio.
A coffee , please.
Un caffè, per favore.
Brewed, American-style coffee does not exist in Italy. When you order un caffè?, you are ordering an espresso, and it will be a delicious one. On the subject of coffee in Italy, ordering a cappuccino or latte after breakfast is considered a no-no, so stick to espresso!

5. Getting a Price

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If you are in Milan during iSaloni, you will definitely not lose the most important event of furniture design of the year! And we believe that you will fell in love with a lot of pieces from the Milan Fair! Mid-century lighting pieces, perhaps! So asking the price is an important question, don’t you agree?
What is the price?
Qual è il prezo?
Talking about mid-century lighting pieces, DelightFULL, the Portuguese Mid-century Lighting Brand, is going to be at iSaloni from 17th to 22 nd of April and the team will be pleased to receive you at its booth! Find DelightFULL’s team in Hall 01 | Stand L 09 and celebrate design with friends! It is not an Italian brand, but you can learn some Portuguese phrases and increase (even more) your knowledge!

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