Vintage Lighting Design: Old Is The New!

Take a pencil, your notebook and get ready to take some notes about the most recent “cool” style – the vintage lighting design.

Probably you already heard about vintage style, if not, you’re in the right place. Vintage is the “coolest” style of the moment, even though it appeared some years ago. Vintage lighting design it’s the perfect step to take when you enter in the vintage world, so get your wishlist prepare.

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Vintage Lighting Design: Old Is The NewStyle is like a cycle, and what’s up today may be down tomorrow. Vintage is a style completely inspired by the 70’s and 80’s which makes it the kind of style that brings some nostalgia and recognition to our parents and grandparents. We can find elements of vintage in such different designs like fashion, cars, jewelry,  furniture, lamps, graphics, packages, even in typography or simple details of our nowadays.
Modern Lighting Ideas Lighting Designs For Spring! (8)Vintage style is not an easy loved style, in the beginning, you may strange but once you discover this world of the viral and iconic pieces, you will find yourself at vintages markets looking for the most original ones to decorate your home. Easy for you, some brands got so inspired by this style that now it’s possible to buy cool pieces without losing the quality. Vintage is such a rich style with so many varieties that we can highlight some of them like industrial, retro, victoriana, steampunk and retro-futurism, gothic, baroque, art nouveau,  mid-century modern and grunge. The most known are industrial, retro and mid-century modern style. If you are not sure about what vintage style is, imagine a mix of old and sophisticated, maybe you can find it in your grandparents or parents houses (depending on your age), things like a cool old lamp, a chandelier, furniture, frames, even at porcelains.
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If you are interested in invest on the vintage style to your home interior decor, according to some designers, you should mix modern and vintage pieces, this way you will give balance and main feature to this cool style.
Vintage Style Old is the newThe sky is the limit when it comes to home design ideas, so you just have to search for inspiration, find out what goes more like your taste and then “play” with the unique and stylish vintage pieces and your actual modern design style.
Lightning is actually a really good strategy for beginners at the vintage style cause allows you to spread slight touches of pieces without falling in the mistake of overkill or out of proportion. You can ally the useful side of lamps, which are of course lighting your space, and combine the stylish and bold side of the vintage. In case you didn’t do your homework, we collect some of the coolest vintage style lamps on the market. Stop searching, this is what you need! Prepare your floors, walls, and tables to receive these ultimate vintage lightning pieces.
Vintage Style Old is the new (2)Amy vintage lighting design is inspired by the iconic Amy Winehouse, it design bring us her iconic hair and the small brass detail reminds of her golden earring. It’s so different and unique that makes you desperate for it.
Vintage Style Old is the new (3)If you’re looking for a mid-century lighting design kind of design, Billy is the one. Its body and shade are handmade in brass and aluminum. Besides that, it’s adjustable and customized to fit your decor needs. This lamp will give you a touch of sophistication anywhere you put it.
Vintage Style Old is the new (4)Now that you’re more into the vintage style, you need to meet the perfect industrial lighting design lamp, which is Diana. This industrial pendant lighting design has also a red textile wire, which can be customized as you wish. Diana can’t pass unnoticed, get ready for some compliments!
You can’t blame that you’re out of style inspirations! Hope that you wrote on your wishlist some of these ideas and already added to your shopping car incredible vintage style design lamps.

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Vintage Style Old is the new

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