Pantone Colors: Prepare Your House For Fall/Autumn 2018

New colors mean new decorations! Get your walls, furniture, and lamps ready this Fall/Autumn for Pantone colors!

As always, Pantone revealed the colors for this Fall/Autumn season. In interior design, Pantone colors allow us to play with different interior decorations. We collect the best ideas to combine modern design lamps with this year colors!

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Pantone’s colors Prepare your house for FallAutumn 2018
Makeover your office Modern Design Lamps to inspire you! (2)
After Summer, we say goodbye to the holidays, summer breaks, and begin a fresh back to new routines, habits, and costumes. It’s also a new era of trends and colors. Speaking about colors, according to Pantone, this Fall/Autumn Top 10 list are Red Pear, Valiant Poppy, and Nebulas Blue, followed by Ceylon Yellow, Martini Olive, Russet Orange, Ultra Violet, Crocus Petal, Limelight and Quetzal Green.
Pantone colors Prepare your house for FallAutumn 2018
Delightfull’s Coltrane helps you finding inspiration this fall. Its mid-century minimalistic and industrial design, make Coltrain the perfect lighting design to combine with some touches of red pear and valiant poppy colors in your environment. Is all handmade of steel with a lacquered matte gold on the outside and a gold powder paint on the inside. It’s a great mid-century modern lamp for more minimalist interiors.
Makeover your office Modern Design Lamps to inspire you!
Pantone colors Prepare your house for FallAutumn 2018If you’re into cold and bright colors, Pantone also shared the icy blues and yellows like Nebulas Blue, Ceylon Yellow, Limelight, and Quetzal Green. Turner family’s versatility allows you to use your imagination and decorate your tables, floors, and walls as an ally to the cold colors of the fall. What makes this piece so versatile for your interior decor besides the different places where you can use it, are the customized colors and finishes that you can play to fits perfectly in your space. Either in the gold-plated finish or other finishes of your taste, this art lamp will suit perfectly with the cold blue and yellows Pantone’s colors.
Pantone colors Prepare your house for FallAutumn 2018We can’t forget about the color of the year – Ultra Violet. This is such a fun color that is spread by all fashion and interior decor designs! You can play lighting interior decor with this color combining funny lighting design pieces like the Botti pendent lamp! Botti is handmade in brass, covered with a gold-plated finish but can be customized to fit your needs.  With a retro vibe, is the best lamp for a vintage look space to combine with the Ultra Violet color.

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What are your Pantone favorite colors? Did you feel inspire? Hope that you started thinking about your decor and modern design lamps with Pantone colors for Fall/Autumn 2018.
Pantone’s colours Prepare your house for FallAutumn 2018 (2)

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