Fashion Trend: Feel Inspired By Brubeck Lighting Design!

Pleats are the fashion trend essential in your closet such as Brubeck lamp in your house, see what these two have in common!

It’s a love or hate kind of fashion trend! This Spring/Summer 2018, pleated style stays in our wardrobes to keep rocking our outfits. Feel free to be inspired and play with the incredible design of Brubeck lamp!

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Fashion Trend Feel Inspired By Brubeck Lighting Design!Do you already know Brubeck lamp, right? Brubeck, it’s a Delightfull’s mid-century modern lighting design inspired by Dave Brubeck, the American jazz pianist, and composer, considered to be one of the foremost exponents of cool jazz. Brubeck is such an elegant and sophisticated lamp that needed to be expanded in different styles: Brubeck Chandelier, Brubeck Oval, Brubeck Pendant, Brubeck Round and Brubeck Spiral.
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The designers were so ambitious that besides suspension, also produced Brubeck as a floor and wall lamp! What makes this design lamp so special? This lighting piece not only represents the sophistication and finesse of the American jazz pianist but also displays a very luxurious feeling and enchanting touch.

As the majority of Delightfull’s pieces, handmade in brass, his hanging lamp is available in a wide range of finishes: gold, nickel or copper plated, brushed brass or nickel, and aged brass. It is an art deco brass lamp that will give a retro-chic vibe to your living room or any special project.
Fashion Trend Feel Inspired By Brubeck Lighting Design!Fashion Trend Feel Inspired By Brubeck Lighting Design! (2)The care and sleek movements of this modern chandeliers are clear, just like this year fashion trend – pleats. This trend is on the 10 Top Trends for Spring Summer 2018 by Vogue. Since 90’s that the pleated dress, skirt or top has become a timeless piece. Nowadays designers like Gucii, Prada, Valentino, Céline, Loewe, play with pleats and reinterpret the trend in a more modern version.
Fashion Trend Feel Inspired By Brubeck Lighting Design! 2Why are so many women in love with this trendy piece? It’s all about it versatility. You can wear it be on the red carpet, on the streets and home parties, basically, you are free to wear it everywhere you want. It’s incredible to see how pleated skirts are managed to style! This style is known for its pure femininity and beauty. No matter if it’s short, maxi, midi, colored, printed, it can be worn with pretty much anything.
Like it or not, Brubeck and pleats are a must-have this year. Do you already add them to your wishlist?

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Fashion Trend Feel Inspired By Brubeck Lighting Design!

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