Worldwide Decor: Moroccan Style Basics

Let’s travel to Marrakech Decor!

In this World Wide sequence, Marocco is the center of the attention. Moroccan style is a growing trend that is increasing followers. The reason? It’s a handmade and vintage decor full of meaning and spirit.

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Worldwide Decor Moroccan Style Basics 3

Morocco it’s known for its unique and characteristic lanterns, headboards, wall decor, candles, and rugs. It’s so unique that the ambiance that we imagine when we think about Marrakech is probably drinking tea in a huge colorful and vintage rug full of floor handmade lanterns. Am I right? If you’re a beginner and are into this special decor style, take a look at these basics that we collect.
Worldwide Decor Moroccan Style Basics 8You can style some Moroccan elements on your modern home with vintage lighting design. Vintage lamps are perfect for bedside tables. You have a wide selection of Moroccan Lanterns and lamps in all sizes, shapes, and colors to suit any decor. Handcrafted Moroccan lanterns with a flat base for use with a candle or some can also be used as a hanging lampshade for an electric pendant fitting.
Worldwide Decor Moroccan Style BasicsYou also can choose alternatives like this Botti lamp. Botti is a vintage lamp that can be produced in Nero Marquina or white marble, as well as black nickel or any other finish of your choosing.
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Worldwide Decor Moroccan Style Basics bannerWall decor is a very bold option influenced by the Moroccan culture. Usually, elements and symbols used are mandalas, canvas, elephants, handmade plates, headboards, plants, mosaics, and rugs.
Worldwide Decor Moroccan Style Basics 4Speaking of rugs, they are another strong and bold characteristic element of the Moroccan style. Initially, rugs have been woven by the indigenous people of Morocco since the Paleolithic Era. Moroccan rugs have been woven by tribal peoples for their utility rather than for decorative purposes. Nowadays, you can fix it in the walls or on the floor.
Worldwide Decor Moroccan Style Basics (2)The trend is bigger and colorful! They have a very artisanal and handcrafted look and are definitely a sophisticated addition to any interior. Habib from the Rug’Society it’s a quite nice alternative if you’re looking for something Moroccan inspired but also modern. Worldwide Decor Moroccan Style Basics 6
Now you know that Moroccan and Ethnic decoration and draws its style from Ethnic design with a Scandinavian twist. You can incorporate those styles in your mid-century modern home. Hope you get inspired to get a little of Marocco in your house!
Worldwide Decor Moroccan Style Basics

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