Decor Instagrammer: Everything You Need To Know

As a job, hobby or even profession, Decor Instagrammer is a new way to achieve success on the social media!

Working as a Decor Instagrammer is not only about posting pictures. You must create interesting content, know your followers, choose the right position and use marketing as an ally.

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As a blogger, one of my functions is social media management. A Decor Instagrammer is someone that uses the social media –  Instagram – as a sharing service to spread Decor pictures as ideas or inspirations. Nobody wants to be left behind, and there’s no doubt – your business needs to be on social media.

Creative Content
Creativity and the ability to be original is what will most likely gain a potential follower’s attention.  As a Decor Instagrammer, your content’s creativity will always be the deciding variable in your ability to get a post to go viral.  Making your posts relevant and engaging is the key.
Cross Promote In Your Brand
Find decor accounts that do similar things to what you are trying to do with your brand and help each other. For example, if you are building a lighting design blog, find other bloggers and decor Instagrammers in that space with a similar following and promote one another.
Show that you Care
A simple and small act of following someone back, liking or responding to their comment can go a long way. Engaging with your followers, and making an authentic effort to show that you’re not just a Decor Instagrammer but genuinely care about them will increase social interaction by the thousands.
Decor Instagrammer Everything You Need To Know (3)Hashtags Still Work
Each post that you publish with hashtags will perform 20% better on average than ones without. As simple as it may sound, hashtags do make a difference.
No other social platform has informed decorating trends and new arrivals in the décor world quite as quickly as Instagram. But in order to use it to its full potential, you need to be following the right accounts. Follow these 11 influential Instagram accounts to stay on the cutting edge of décor and design.

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