What Is Hot On Pinterest: 5 Top Boho Bedroom Décor

Pinterest is one of the leading and most inspiring social networks. See what is Hot on Pinterest – 5 Boho Bedroom Décor!

Release your inner hippie! Whether you are obsessed with layering textiles or simply into the cost- effectiveness of buying vintage, bohemianism – the unconventional, artistic lifestyle that dates all the ways back to the 1800’s – can become your home’s calling card. Check out these gorgeous Boho Bedroom Decorations and see what is hot on Pinterest! Think of lots of patterns, plants and eclectic accessorizing!

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1. City of Stars

What is Hot On Pinterest 5 Top Boho Bedroom Décor 1

Bohemian pillows and shiny elements are everything you need to put together a nice spot in your bedroom! You can also add something related with your zodiacal sign… probably the stars and planets are lined up for you and you are not aware of it!

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Be creative and put together a DIY wall! Some vintage elements such as a vinyl, shiny stars and your fav pictures – analogic camera’s style, of course!

What is Hot On Pinterest 5 Top Boho Bedroom Décor 7
And speaking about crafts, spend some time with your grandmother and learn how to do these beautiful handmade pillows! Add different patterns and colors, it will look perfect in your bohemian style bedroom!

2. Let the Lights Guide You!

What is Hot On Pinterest 5 Top Boho Bedroom Décor 4

What a perfect combo! Different patterns, beautiful bohemian fabrics, handmade elements on the wall … and last, but not least, the shiny tiny lights that will make you feel you are always looking to the sky!


You can also add some pendants lamps to get a more appealing and mesmerizing lighting effect! DelightFULL has Ike Pendant, one of the most well known lamps of the mid-century brand due to its minimalistic style and lighting!

3. Nature is now inside!

Light colors, a variety of textures and some plants are the perfect match! See how the pattern of the rug, the floor lamp and the plants work out together!

What is Hot On Pinterest 5 Top Boho Bedroom Décor 6

You can be your own gardener! Fill a pod of your favorite plant – and a lot of love!

4. The Reindeer Escape

What is Hot On Pinterest 5 Top Boho Bedroom Décor 2

Animals are also an inspiration when we are talking about boho design and style. How can you work this out? It is simple! You can buy – or DIY – som reindeer’s horns and use them as an accessories’ holder! You can also add some textures like fur – but fake, of course!

5. A Sweet Dream or a Beautiful Nightmare

What is Hot On Pinterest 5 Top Boho Bedroom Décor 3

How could we end this article without a bedroom with a dream catcher? It would be impossible! See how the different textiles, fabrics, vintage elements and the dream catcher create the perfect boho bedroom décor!
Feel inspired by these 5 top boho bedroom décor from Pinterest and get ready to see your own on the social network’s latest trends!

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