What Is Hot On Pinterest: Black Floor Lamps

Friday means What is Hot On Pinterest! And yes! The week, we bring you one of the latest trends and which black floor lamps are the chosen ones of this social network!

Black Floor Lamps are perfect lighting pieces, because they suit in every single room due to their versatility. This week, on What is On In Pinterest, we decided to see the main lighting floor designs that everyone is looking for!

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A black floor lamp with mid-century design? It is the perfect combo! This is a minimalistic lighting design from DelightFULL and it is one of the best sellers. Inspired by the American jazz saxophonist and composer John Coltrane, Coltrane floor lamp embodies the avant-garde jazzy vibe that this legendary musician transmitted in every music concert.
Handmade in brass and aluminum, the minimal black floor lamp has a matte black finish on the three lamp shades with a gold powder paint on the inside, that provide a smooth lighting effect. This functional floor lamp is ideal for minimalist settings, as well as for, mid-century modern reading nooks.

Industrial Design, nowadays, is one of the most powerful trends!

An Industrial Black Floor Lamp with this big matte black shade completely transforms an environment!
Insider Tip: Choose neutral colors for your living room’s walls, some mid-century armchairs, a geometric patterned rug and, of course, the main star: a Black Floor Lamp!
What Is Hot On Pinterest Black Floor Lamps 2
It is like we are seeing Amy Whinehouse again! Handmade in brass and aluminum, it is impossible to say NO, NO, NO to this beauty!

Due to the fact that it is handmade, you can choose a different color, finish and size and create your own Amy!
What Is Hot On Pinterest Black Floor Lamps 3
This shade’s shape screams mid-century design! The little wholes in the shade is like we brought this floor lamp directly from the fifties!
What Is Hot On Pinterest Black Floor Lamps 1
Why do we have a lamp with only one shade, if we can have a lamp with 3 big black shades? Be inspired by this latest hit from Pinterest!

Last, but not least, Duke Floor Lamp. Duke Ellington has been an inspiration to the world to many artists and musicians like Dave Brubeck and Miles Davis. Therefore, DelightFULL’s designers have decided to pay a tribute to this iconic jazz musician and create Duke floor lamp.

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