LA Architectures: Look Ahead To The Perfection Of Construction

LA Architectures is a French agency with a team full of aims and that questions all scales of the territory and construction. Get into the plan and continue scrolling to find more about it!

Linda Gilardone and Axelle Acchiardo are the team behind all the magic of construction. After a period separated by careers, in 2009, these inspiring women decided to join forces, and create LA Architectures: a Loving and Aimful project.

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Usually, when we create something new or when we transform something, we tend to destroy another one. However, these architects create and protect. How? By being constantly worried with our environment and the impact of their constructions or rehabilitations.
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We like to develop an approach to resource economics, constructive quality through the implementation of bioclimatic design reflections, traditional techniques, and materials with low environmental impact

The French agency aims to question all scales of the territory and construction. It doesn’t only respond to consultations on housing operations, but also cultural, public and school facilities.

Here we are able to see some finish and projects that are still being planned. The team of LA Architectures feeds on the complementarity of the points of view of the architects and the richness of the debates which result from it.

The agency’s goals are not only to see the building and its needs, but also the integration in the environment, for example, the urban fabric, the city, the street or the landscape. They do not only see the building they are construction or reconstruction, they see the whole picture and try to fit their project the best way possible.

We find the will to question the construction of the city and the social bond by the project, by a singular architecture which would result, for those who occupy it, this feeling of ‘well-being’

Get To Know The Team

Partner, DPLG Architect

The ability to always renew myself

Linda studied at the prestigious and selective HDK (University of the Arts) of Berlin, made a workshop in Beijing, then a hook of a year in Chicago at Perkins & Will, then at AIA and at Phileas in Paris as project manager. Before founding LA Architectures, she won several awards.

Linda is interested in concepts and ideas, she is moved by a demanding vision of aesthetic design and form, her discipline and will offer her mastery of a solid and refined balance of proportion.

Partner, DPLG Architect

The rigor of the architectural approach

After a DPLG diploma in Paris-Val-de-Seine, a professional certificate in landscape project management, Axelle worked for AIA in Paris, at Dusapin Leclerc then at CR Architecture as a liberal project manager for projects of very huge proportion.
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Scientific and rigorous in the soul, endowed with a strong ability of synthesis, it integrates the decisive structural, economic and programmatic questions in the act of building.

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