L2Partridge: Interior Design, Architecture and Planning

If you need an architect, L2 Partridge. Interior design? L2 Partridge. If you need a consultation, guess what? L2 Partridge!

L2 Partridge ‘s office is located in Philadelphia, USA, and it will be your solution whether you need an architecture’s project, a interior design decoration or redecoration, and it will also provide you a team of professional consultants. Continue scrolling to find more about it!

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The American company is a full-service architecture, interior design and planning, with a team composed by highly recommended professional from a wide variety of expertise. It is a very well-known firm due to this variety and also to its diverse portfolio that “screams” experience.

L2Partridge Interior Design, Architecture and Planning 9

“The core of our practice is design excellence, achieved through active collaboration among clients, colleagues, and consultants”

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The company evaluates each perspetive and all the possibilities in every single project, since site selection and budget, to a various other aspects. This research and the time that the professionals take before starting their project shows the quality control that the American firm does.

“We pride ourselves on understanding the opportunities and challenges inherent in each project”

What are the main ingredients of L2 Partridge’s huge success in the field? We are about to reveal it: the “interdisciplinary and holistic approach to the design process results in the synthesis of architectural design and advanced engineering concepts, producing a building or workspace with greater environmental responsiveness and cost effectiveness.”

The company is proud to say that an open honest between the client, professional and construtor is essential to achieve success. This shared understanding is what drives every project.

Sustainable Design

The projects are a success and they make every single client happy to with the final result. However, this is not only one of the biggest concerns of the firm. At L2Partridge, sustainable design is integral to every project, whether or not LEED or Green Globes certification is desired.

“We are proud of the leadership we have shown in this area of our practice, and of the milestones we have achieved.”

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Every single decision is made after a detailed research regarding quality, endurance, safety, constructability, and whether a product or method is truly “Green”.

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