Wilson Associates: Design And Architecture All Over The World!

3 continents. 8 countries. 10 design studios. Wilson Associates is a collection of clever and unique designers that have global perspetives.

Wilson Associates has more than 40 years. It was founded in 1971 by the design legend, Trisha Wilson, and it has grown since. The growth was so explicit that it has crossed countries and continents. Continue scrolling to know more about this legend and her interior architecture and design foundation!

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Trisha Wilson – The master mind behind Wilson Associates!

Wilson Associates Design And Architecture All Over The World! 1

Trisha started her successful career by designing restaurants around Dallas, Texas. Wilson Associates is a Dallas-based interior architectural and design firm. Due to a meeting with the well known developer, Trammell Crow, she had the opportunity to meet the larger world of hospitality design.

“That first sighting of wild animals was truly exciting,” says Wilson “It touched my soul.”

The design firm had its first ‘challenge’ when they had to design the Palace of the Lost city in South Africa, which solidified the firm’s global footprint.
Wilson Associates Design And Architecture All Over The World! 2
Since then, it has had the most dazzling projects around the world! Continue scrolling!

Wilson Associates – A Master Association of Success

Wilson Associates is the master mind – or minds – behind some of the most iconic buildings and addresses around the globe. The founder and CEO of the design firm has jumped from a design hotel to the design of the world’s tallest buildings and royal palaces, Michelin-star restaurants, and much more.

The design projects of the company show the different perspectives of how they envision luxury design. Luxury has different meaning and concepts and Wilson’s firm explore them all!

“Wilson Associates ushers in a fresh perspective of luxury interior design that is both iconic and diverse”

Joseph Emanuele, the Senior Vice President of Design & Construction of Hard Rock International, has confirmed that “Wilson Associates understands large scale and iconic projects, and their experience designing (…) has been a true partner in our success, bringing creative solutions to space planning, and design expectations for our guests.”

From a beautiful and luxurious hotel in Thailand…

… that is able to mix, in an harmonious way, the Thai culture and the surroundings with luxury interior design.

The bathroom has a marble floor that was used to resemble the classic Jim Thompson fabric pattern. A very good interpretation, we may add!

To amazing an InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown…

The Sky Lobby is one of our favorite rooms! Why? Well, we are pioneers’ fans!

It was the first hotel on the U.S. West Coast to have a sky lobby! Here you can see that the  the space incorporates L.A.’s car culture through abstract representations of car lines in the internal paneling and décor.

But Wilson’s company is not only about creative design minds that are able to provide the best interior design’s solutions, or interior architectural design, or even architecture as its best stage …

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The design firm is also responsible for art consultancy, concept development, branding and food & beverage design.

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