Giacomo Rossetti: The Contemporary Tailors of Your Home Interior!

Giacomo Rossetti is going to be your favorite tailor … of your home! The Italian interior design studio will make your project unique with a twist of contemporary taste!

Giacomo Rossetti Design is an Italian interior design’s firm that will hear all your thoughts and turn them into reality. Based in a beautiful small village in the Marche region of Italy, the beautiful and unique view inspires this talented team of top-notch interior designers and architects. Continue scrolling to know more about the team, company and current projects!

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An interior design company that is based between the green hills and the Adriatic sea … the best combo to inspire this team of interior’s tailors.

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The team is composed by professionals from the fields of interior design and architecture and their main goal is to create functional spaces, however never forgetting the aesthetics. Harmony and elegance are the motors of the design projects.

“The client is for us unique, and his project will be unique forever. Lifestyle with contemporary taste”

The interior design firm believes that each project has its own particularity. The team hears their clients need and wishes, always giving the best design advices – based on their knowledge of aesthetics and functionality – and create a final result that is a mix between the client’s design dream and the professional view of the interior design or architect.

Each project is unique, and these different range of projects are the proof of that! Knock, Knock… Who is there? Let Giacomo Rossetti enter your home and transform your interior décor and living!
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Have a seat and see the magic of design being done!
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The team is concerned with the most small detail.

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With current projects being developed in several different countries, such as Sweden, Russia, United Kingdom, and much more, it is undeniable that their success is known worldwide.

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